NEW Year NEW You NEW Energies


Can you feel it?  Yes!  Excitement.  Anticipation. Sing it Carly.

We are moving along quicker now. If it’s gotten quiet, don’t panic. That was the old you. The Universe is working behind the veil for our benefit. It won’t last long. We just had a major holiday.  For many this means family, travel and shopping, oh my.  A whirlwind of energy.  We’ve also had a full moon and many have been receiving upgrades and messages. Now the Universe …


assesses and gets to see how this all works together. It’s a meeting of the coaches and they looks at each player, their strengths, who will be in the lineup and who needs more practice. We are getting ready to run the next play. On this team though, all players who wish to have a turn, will play.  TEAMWORK.

I was reminded by Spirit yesterday that big waves are coming. I was driving as I heard this whisper and chuckled thinking, I needed to buckle up, we are about to blast off. Yet, we are protected so no seat belt in needed for this ride. It’s important to be as open and unrestricted as you can. Trust.

Over the past few days, I’ve realized just how different I am than 12 months ago. I found my mind pondered what has been so automatic in my thinking and actions. I decided to allow my thoughts to be open and loose. I didn’t need to grab on to answers at this time.  Just allow the space.

While a variety of Universal energy are available, know that you hold an inner treasure and are an active part of this.  Your body is your temple, map and resource. With the timing of Star Wars and being a child who was raised with the original series, I’ve found my light saber. It is not an accessory either.

Before I tried to honor and be present in my life by having family time, etc. and then setting aside time for meditation and Spirit. That no longer works. We are multidimensional being at all times. Yes, this does mean being very human. That is what we came here to experience and is the priority. The mission part needs to naturally flow out of this state of being.

As I look at my signs, the past two days dense fog has engulfed the area. I LOVE fog. It’s mystic. Yet… it’s also my sign to go slow. I can remember my fascination yet frustration with fog. It was my mirror. I was in a fog – ugh. Yet now, I feel like a lighthouse. We are the light keepers.

And, just a random thought. Ashtar. Could this mean, A STAR?  I don’t do the alien word yet I can see where what some refer to as, aliens is what I believe is star matter.

Now is the time of year that many make resolutions. I did this for decades. Last year I made, intensions. Well… this year I’m not limiting myself or making a plan. I’m just saying, bring it… lol. I know to be careful in what you ask for. The Universe will deliver. So I can’t wait to share the next message or experience.

For now, pull back in even if this is just a 20 minute meditation, a walk in nature or a nap.  Often we need a moment of clearing/settling before the next chapter can start.  The calm before the awesomeness.  Remember that we are not crisis workers (carrying that chaotic energy of immediately jumping from one thing to the next), we are light workers 🙂  So walk, don’t run, in divinity.

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2 comments on “NEW Year NEW You NEW Energies

  1. Ashtar is indeed A Star. That is also how I hear it. 🙂 Upgrades will continue, at least for me. I am on a tiny break, a short “high” and reprieve, but will be back to work real soon. Lots of letting go, coming to terms and stepping up for me. Yay! Hmmm lol

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