You’ll know it when you get there


I awoke yesterday feeling like I missed something. I paused and at times paced. Yet Spirit was with me. “You haven’t missed a thing… or been excluded. You are an active part of this. Have faith.” Is this a test? “It doesn’t have to be.” Well, I just had an activation and it now seems eerrriiee quiet. I keep seeming to forget there are these pauses.

I then saw an upside down triangle and this triangle had stages/sections. “You can’t jump to the top. Work with your group and dynamics. All in your group need to be ready. Remind them. No one will be left behind.”

“You have your ticket. You are waiting to board the next train. So… get excited.” I could see this image and feel others energetically join me on the platform as the day went on.

The Universe has been working with me to understand the role of a lightworker, grid worker, wayshower and gatekeeper. I felt like I had a ticket in my hand to board… the gatekeeper training train? I then paused. Over the past few years I feel like I’ve gone from a spiritual high school, to college to get my Master’s degree. I haven’t had a break and it has been a full time job. I’ve had moments of coming up for air feeling like now was the time to come out of the cocoon and fly. Yet I didn’t go far. It was short lived and back in the cocoon I went. I felt like the Universe was holding me till I had a certain level of understanding/remembrance. Before I didn’t feel I had a choice. I just felt driven to figure all this out. Now I felt this opportunity of being able to continue on in my remembrance or… to step out with the skills I have. I’ve become a blogger and I used to passionately teach. I smile as I know I have these skills. And I have a gift of being connected. I’ve also survived an awakening (yes, it was that bumpy) and now feel peace, strength and grace as I walk. This is powerful. It has to all balance out. I’ve downloaded many teachings yet haven’t been (personally) strong enough to teach in public. My mind though often pushed me but the Universe has been keeping me protected. I am an energy being and my body has needed to catch up with these teachings so that they are delivered in a certain way. This you just can’t fake.

Now it finally feels right to pause and play here. I seem to know what continuing on will entail; another cocoon. I see a wave (ahead) coming out right now and at times they struggle to find the words to describe what they experienced (yet they will).

I felt this sense of relief and knowing yet I could still see my ticket. For another time. It was a great feeling to see the train come and wave with excitement as it went on. I felt blessed to have this option and at such peace in not question myself for a second. Should I stay or should I go nowTo be able to say, I’m good and happy for those who move on. This is my stop.  I will have to say, not every soul I saw of the train looked excited; there were a few reluctant faces. This made me chuckle. I’ve had that face on this journey, too.

As yesterday unfolded, after I made this decision, I felt like a wealth of knowledge solidified in me. What before felt strange and unusual, now seemed so normal. Parallel lives – but of course. Working with energy – absolutely. Yet my mind was ready to ask, how are going to start this new phase of your life as a wayshower and ascension guide?  For now, I just smile at my mind.  You see, I have been for awhile yet haven’t attached these words to it.  I’ve spent these past few months fine tuning who I am and what my style and strengths are.  And yes, this took listening to quite a few telacasts to not only be inspired, but it aided in remembering and… to discover what works for me.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well… this teacher is ready. I do say this humbly. I’ve had to work through many issues (self-worth, fear, remembrance) to be ready. Everything happens in a Divine order and I know my students are ready. I am honored. I plan on making it fun and feeling good. We need more of this!

I also saw another triangle and then noted this:

  • What used to be called Mystery School and those who appear to go Spiritually Silent
  • Gatekeepers
  • Initiates
  • Wayshowers
  • Lightworkers
  • Awakening
  • Sleeping

By the end of the day, I felt a connection, an overlap of these triangles.  Ahh… a merkaba.  And know, it doesn’t matter where you are stage wise – it’s all divine!

In my spiritual journey I’ve been able to answer two important questions. Who am I and what is my purpose. I’m at peace with my answers yet knowing that they change.  This blog has been a journey of my passion. My personal experiences, lessons I’ve learned and my own self-discovery. I had no expectations when I started and when I write it is as if my soul and a group of angels plop me in front of my laptop and my fingers just type. I am honored when another reads and the sharing in comments. And so it continues. Much love.  ❤

2 comments on “You’ll know it when you get there

  1. I hope to be both a teacher and student at the same time. Someone who can teach others, but is on a journey, like everyone else. So that people can better relate to me then if I were just a teacher. So they can feel they can do this too. So a make a point to convey both my insights and doubts. For the journey isn’t always inspiration filled, but has many bumpy roads.

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