Connecting to the Lite Brite Grid


A “call” from Spirit can come in many ways. A knowing, from watching a youtube, in something you read, a sign, your Spirit Guide nudging you along or even when you’re finally realize your soul is screaming at you. There are reminders and invitations in each moment yet one has to be ready. So if you are reading these words and have been looking for a sign – here it is.

Do you feel ready for a change or to step up?  Yes or No.

YOU get to decide what the next step will be. So how do you do that?  Well, my bet is the answer isn’t in your mind (yet). If it was, you’d already be doing it. Confusion can’t win. Don’t let it.  Maybe you do need more time, space, rest and healing. Wise are the ones who allow this. Clarity can come from rest.

In meditation and more everyday moments connect with your heart. Connect with your inner knowing – light. Plug into the grid. What color is your piece?


And do you see others?  You are not alone. This is about support and teamwork.  Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see a connection yet. Keep trying. What is about to be created? Where does your bright piece fit in the design? Old designs are gone and new ones are forming. Choose to be a part of this. You are a creator! Now play.

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