Mic Check… test, test


First, Happy New Year’s Eve.  It is time to CELEBRATE – to honor and praise… yes, that sounds about right.

Now, on to the writing.  I heard a whisper from Spirit the other day and paused. The short sentence seemed to go against a momentum I was feeling and a direction and desire that was forming. So I said, Okay. If that is the Divine Plan, then so be it. No argument, just trust. Trust in my ability to channel and that I heard it and in the Divine and that there is always a greater plan that can change each second.

Then I sensed this was an exercise. So I asked for another statement.

“___________ (a loved one) will die.” Ahhh… I’ve heard this before and this is like a trick question. We will all at some point leave a life, body and this Earth plain. Yet the first time I heard this, it did trigger me. I went into panic mode and wanted to know more. The point was, I was still in crisis mode verses allowing mode.

So try me again. I sense you are checking my vibration. What are still my trigger points.

“Rest.” Ha! Yes, I’ve heard this many times in my journey along with, heal. I feel blessed. I am rested, whole and will heal as needed for the rest of my life.

Anything else?

“You are a failure.”  Ouch, yet I’m laughing. Gheez. I can also remember a point where I felt this way. Thanks for reminding me how far I’ve come.  I think many have these moments and that’s all they are.

I believe all message are true… somewhere. They are in ones vibration for a reason. Maybe it’s leaving your vibration. Bless it and wave, bye-bye. You can think on it or even challenge it. It might be the truth yet your actions now can change it. Or maybe it’s a part of a larger message and lesson. Stay open.  Make sure you hear the message in its entirety and in the right context.  Don’t make assumptions.

Our mind will block messages as a protection to keep us from hearing something our ego doesn’t wish to hear. I’m to remind others to receive it all knowing that you will only receive what is light and love. I think we are getting ready to receive teaching that our mind definitely won’t understand (at first) since I heard these words:

“We need to make sure you are wide open and non-judgmental on what you receive. A lot will soon be coming in. You don’t have to believe it or agree with it. Just be a channel. In time, it will all make sense.”

Have a blessed day and evening!

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