Intuition is IN and ON


This message came to me.  It was as if someone was saying…  “I’m intuitively guided to… ”  Yet then the tone seemed to change and I heard these words:  “Well, these words are no longer correct/current. A word choice of the past and 3D. You are ALWAYS intuitively guided. In every thing you do, say and… don’t do.”

I just smiled thinking back on my life and knowing this was true.   I’d bet our intuition tells us when to think.  I then saw a quick vision.

A group of intuitive people and they were all saying this phrase and talking over each other. It made me shudder. Yikes. From the vision, I felt like when some said this, they felt they were better than average (non-awakened) folk. It came from a place of ego. Or that it was being used as an excuse (verses a gift of true inner knowing) to behave in a certain way. Let me break it down like this, for example, your teenager tells you, I’m being guided not to cut the grass. Haha. Or a co-worker saying in a team meeting, I know I was to present my report today but I was guided not to. Hmm. Why was the Universe showing me this phrase in an exaggerated and negative way? I mean, it can be empowering as one is claiming their ability. I can be a good reminder to others to get in touch with their knowing.  Yet I can see where it can also be annoying if masses of people awaken and intuition becomes the “it” thing (which, by the way, I do see happening).

For me, I remember years ago when I had moments (those split seconds) where I knew I had a psychic ability. Often random and few and far between yet, I just knew. Then these past few years I’ve been committed to honing my skills yet, I was still keeping them separate. I’d live as a normal human and then “tune in” as needed and be open to Spirit. Yet I didn’t even realize till the other day just how open I’ve become. The Universe held me for most of a day in the old me energy. Yikes!  Being a channel does make one feel even more alive and everyday life is so much fuller and richer. While I do very much so have my human moments (more so when I’m stressed, hurried or tired), I interact with life, all of it, with an open mind, ears and heart. You can see, hear, feel and just know. It is like a super power yet it’s used so subtlety and from a place of non-ego. You are humble in the sense that you are at peace, happy and appreciate everything.

So I believe this is another reminder message. It’s time to step up for many. We have to evolve again.  I’m to remind others about unity. Spirit is not separate from you. It is you and you are it. And we all have the ability, not just when we feel we’re in the zone.  Some remember, some don’t need to (they use it anyway) and others are in their own process. And… we don’t want to discourage another. Intuition can be so natural. Intuition is instinct. Awareness. Being sensitive.

We don’t need to announce it and make it seem separate, we just need to be it.  Well, we are it.  Intuition is in and on… always.  Just play with the word:  In tu(to) it I on.  And those with an open channel to the infinite are no better than another. Each soul here has an important role to play.  Stay humble my friends and honor everything!

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