Merging with your higher-self


Hello 2016!  Wow, well, I’m not sure where to start. I’ve had several nights of actual… sleep! And I’ve had family home. So… less writing. Yet, a lot is happening. I don’t think I realized until I thumbed back through my notebook. So, more posts are coming.  One of the BIG things that is happening to me is…

merging WITH my higher-self verses channeling my higher self. This has been a journey in itself. You see, years ago I had to find my soul… period. I’d basically ignored and pushed it away. This reunion was powerful.

Then, I had to discover that I did have a higher-self.  Some refer to it as an over-soul. I spent time in dialog (channeling messages) and just being with this energy. My higher-self was like a wise friend/teacher and a loving mother. Did she answer every question I had for her?  No. She knows better. She would point me in the right direction and often she’d just be this, comfort. Now though, my higher-self isn’t, up there or far away from me. She’s in me. I’ll be honest I didn’t quite understand this and googled to discover that many have written on this topic.  For me, often in this journey as I’m entering a new stage, I don’t get a preview.  This time my only sign/knowing was to, go slow.

A few months ago I was wondering about walk-ins and more recently I’ve learned about soul braids. The thought of a walk-in scared me and the Universe reassured me that I’d walk into a newer me (verses my body being taken over by a more evolved soul). That by crunching timelines (mostly unknown to me in my sleep and the random yet strange moments and do-overs in my reality), I was finding this newer me.

My higher-self’s introduction was a surprise and got my attention. She seemed a bit… irritated. It was like she was waking up inside of me for the first time and a bit disoriented. Like she was surprised that it actually worked and might have been trying.  I listened to her comments and tried to reassure her that we were to work together. I was actually excited. I then realized why I’d been having dreams of my last career job (that was several years ago). I was an executive director of a busy center. I walked into a huge mess and each day just kept chipping away at it. That old personality of let’s get it done, we must move forward was now in me again. I also had to make several very hard choices in that job yet they were for the benefit and stability of the center. So… oh boy – more changes are coming.

Since this merge (which is still ongoing), I’ve tried the old of way channeling my higher-self. That no longer works.  That space is… gone.  Oh the places you’ll go on this journey!  While it feels like your higher-self has descended… I believe it’s an ascension.  This is all a part of 5+D.

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