Night Vision


For months the Universe has been sending me energy at night. Late at night. I do believe it’s been for many reasons. Then there was a few weeks of unseasonably warm weather. So I continued to spend more time outside on the deck. One evening I heard, “What could you see if you opened your heart more and relaxed your eyes?”  So I did as suggested.  And then I understood and have been practicing since.

At night you can see light and layers of light with ease. The best way for me to explain is, let’s say you are buying a house. Wouldn’t you like to know what it will look like in the neighborhood in 5 years… 15 years, etc.?  Let’s say that you drive by an empty area in town, would you like to know what will be built there? Or maybe you are a history buff. Would you like to see what an area was used for? You see, the energy is there. It’s all happening, NOW. Past, present and future. We are all working together and in layers. Our human eyes, or is it our mind, only perceives a fraction of what we see.

So, would you like to see more?   This ability can help in so many ways.  Just practice. It’s easier at night. At first for me it was orbs and odd shapes. A variety of shades of light.  Then enough form to get a sense of what it was.


Then try on a cloudy day. It’s like reading an aura. Relax. Then work yourself up to a sunny day.  Have fun practicing… being amazed… and trusting your knowing.

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