But wait… there’s more!!


Oh my! The energy has been intense today! Yet I feel as if I’m trying to walk through wet concrete. What are my other selves doing that is so draining to me here?  Go slow… well I have no other choice. I’ve meditated and that has helped. Not to receive guidance, just to rest and try to level some of this energy out. It’s like a tsunami tidal wave and it’s easy to think… run!  But that is not what we came her to do. This is not fight or flight. This is blend… merge… allow.  I also know that each of us is going through our own process. Just because I’m feeling a certain way doesn’t mean you are.  Honor your process.  It’s all amazing!

Last night as I was walking to bed, I paused and started journaling instead. I was understanding just part of this new energy that’s coming to me. This is what I wrote:

WHOA! Wait a minute. I just wanted to help people. I just wanted to be a bit more psychic. A medium for departed souls. To talk with Angels and an occasional fairy. I just wanted to heal my past hurts. Now?? Now, I seem to be in sci-fi land. Seriously?  I reminded myself to breathe. I felt like I was becoming too, out there yet I had to remind myself, I’ve always been out there. I know there are reasons for the knowledge that is coming to me.

Several nights ago my son had come to me in a dream and said, mom you are a guardian of the galaxy. I tried to look it up but only found the Marvel movie. That wasn’t helping. Then last night I found this article: http://www.diandrahealer.com/dnaactivation.htm and it gave me lots to think on. It was helpful.  I also know that I have free will, we all do. I often read and allow only what resonates to assist me in my journey. It’s a process.

I awoke several times in the early morning hours the other day. I remember asking myself, or was it the Universe, what is happening? I had this sense that I was doing some type of work as I slept. I heard, we are rearranging your pages, the scenes of your life. I drifted back to sleep yet it was brief. I awoke to a large thud right by my head in the bed. It felt like a slamming door or something that hit the house with great force. Now awoken and startled, I searched to find nothing out of the ordinary. Ghee, I wonder what page that was??

I also wanted to pass along this messages: “The miracle you are waiting for is… you! No more waiting… wanting… being a victim, having excuses or lashing out. Just do it.”  Many of us have chosen to be light workers. Not worry workers, heavy workers, struggle workers, etc.  We are past those stages (right?)  and yes, we can do this.

I also heard the word, Zebula. When I went to look it up, the word means elder mother and to inspire.  I like that.

And while many of the messages I receive are comforting and about love, I do have a spirited spirit guide that pulls no punches with me. It’s okay because I need this every now and then. I heard, “It’s time. Piss or get off the pot.” Haha! I agree.

Well… is it just me or have this past few days flown by??

Better, faster, stronger jam:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsO6ZnUZI0g


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