Spiritually ADD…


…at this moment.  Oh gone seem to be the days I could write an organized post on one topic. The energy is coming in faster and stronger.  Yikes and Yah!  I know this is just a phase.  I also have a noise bleed. Well, it went from 72 to 27 within a few days here. Noise bleeds though are also associated with ascending.

For some though, it’s quiet.  I mean it is a retrograde.  A great time to, review.

I was informed, “No news is good news.” So just breathe and have fun. Think of it as a mini-vacation. No worries mate. Your turn is coming. You must keep your vib high, remember? Now is not the time to have a spiritual tantrum.  (Haha… should I admit I’ve had a few.)

I also heard, “Bloom where you are planted.” Yet I get it, I’ve had times in my life where this was a struggle. Do something out of your routine. Look at your situation differently. What one small change can you make? Know that your soul is looking for a particular situation and every day the Universe is conspiring in your favor.

And as the ADD kicks in…  let’s all take a breath in an attempt to ground 🙂

I’ve heard the activation word used often – in upgrading your DNA and being able to connect to higher consciousness. Google it and you’ll find enough advice for a lifetime. I’ve also listened to activations of all kinds. To be honest, some scared me (strange voices, breathing or way too long – they made my head spin). Some though are, lovely. Yet, what if it just happens naturally? And what if it’s simpler than you think. A joy moment can be an activation. People that we meet. An article that we read.

I also wanted to mention Spirit contracts, forgetting (the amnesia), free will and remembrance. I do believe there are contracts made in advance to help us here. At times Spirit will remind you of these agreements (or you will have this knowing) yet now, on the earth plane many have amnesia and free will. So don’t stay stuck. Trust that another option will come. Keep moving forward.

I was asking one evening, what is with all this energy late at night? “For the souls who will not rest until they teach.” Ah!  What is keeping you up? Allow it to come through you in your waking hours.

“Details come through remembering. Re member ing. Being a member has it’s perks.”  LOL.

I was trying to explain to my significant other some of the messages I’d been receiving. I could see his head spinning. Welcome to my world. He listened patiently and then said, “This is beyond my paid grade.” I laughed and laughed.

Know that the Divine’s way is a mystery and a journey of trust. Everything is an extension of the Divine’s hand.  In love, light and service, Molly

4 comments on “Spiritually ADD…

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  2. “I was asking one evening, what is with all this energy late at night? “For the souls who will not rest until they teach.” Ah! What is keeping you up? Allow it to come through you in your waking hours.”
    Ah! Thanks for mentioning that. Even if I resist a lot that I have to come out of the closet, I have this impression, yes, of this restlessness which cannot be satisfied other than by talking about all this weird mind-boggling stuff which happens on this journey.
    Happy New Year!

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