Heart Opening


If there is one thing I’ve been reminded of this week, it’s to open my heart.  Period.  Sounds so simple, right?  Yet…

We often just don’t do it.  It can be done in meditation, well, honestly in every waking moment. In every action that you do. It only takes a second yet when one has been conditioned to protect their heart, it might take some practice.

I do think it naturally happens in our sleep yet it wouldn’t hurt to be even more conscious of this.

Heart opening moments often come by surprise.  Like when you see something beautiful or while watching a movie, reading a book, when one feels comfortable to speak their truth, witnessing a birth and even during times of great sorrow.  Yet more moments can be heart opening and flowing moments.  In the simple like when you hum a song, go for a walk, remember your child-like nature and… even while doing the dishes.  It becomes a way of life and being.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt ripped right open – so free. Uninhibited.  Alive. You can feel your pulse and breathe – rapid or calm.  Nothing else matters.  You can call it love, passion, belief or even peace, bliss… gratitude.

Whatever you desire… you must open your heart to it.  And then… keep it open.  Stay on the same vibration.

So practice. Be this energy. Walk around and open yourself up. Roll your shoulder blades back, push out your chest. Let you heart breathe and be seen.

Love wins.  Love conquers all things.

7 comments on “Heart Opening

  1. Reblogged this on 2020 Spiritual Vision and commented:

    Applied then and definitely applies NOW. Really no sense in writing a new post when this seems to be the action/step. Whether you are feeling these energy waves/upgrades or just life in general… relax and OPEN your heart. The more one closes, the more pain/struggle/harsh realities are brought to you when really, we are done with that. Honor your process though and I ❤ you.


  2. Lovely! I felt my heart open reading a blog this morning. I felt it, intensely, a week ago while kayaking, when a school of tiny silver fish leaped out in front of me. Will be watching for more heart-opening moments. Maybe they will become more than moments.


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