The lightworker dilemma


I see lightworkers all the time. They are everyday people who have no clue of the word or its meaning. A smile can make you a lightworker. A kind gesture like holding the door. For some though, being a lightworker is a chosen profession. The word means something significant and much deeper.

Years ago I attended a funeral of a co-worker who passed before I was ready. I hardly knew her yet was drawn to her light. In her obituary, the last words were, Love and Light. For years those two words would come back to me yet I had no idea what they meant. I did try to google them but at the time, didn’t find much. In time though, I was guided and a new part of my journey started to unfold.

I’d consider myself a lightworker and on my journey, I’ve meet many others. Some even more driven than myself. Yet I’ve found irony in being a lightworker. Often a lightworker remembers enough; their mastery yet they probably wouldn’t use these words. And that they came here with a mission. They are servers and will drop anything to do just that. I believe though, that many lightworkers forgot about the part where they must first serve themselves. It seems selfish (because maybe we do unconsciously remember our mastery and then on Earth we’ve been trained that to be selfish is a bad thing) and goes against the reason we were born and the work we are to do for humanity. Well, guess what. You are a part of humanity. You are a light (higher being) working in a human body.  Your body needs you to be a lightworker to yourself.

This stage of self-care is important and can take years or even… an entire life (not what a driven lightworker wants to hear). Many lightworkers seem to have amnesia about the self-care they need before and as they serve others.  A step they don’t remember in their divine plan. A great moment that is to be honored yet they are just ready to spring into action and assist in creating change and bringing more light and love to Earth.

Well, your not on the other side anymore… a lot has happen here to you.  While you came here to be a lightworker, you might also still be confused, a drama magnet, a hot mess, etc.  Get yourself together, lol.  And even if you feel you have yourself together enough, you didn’t come here to struggle or at times be a whinny or demanding lightworker (because you are so eager). You came here to be wise and walk in grace… that kind of lightworker. It’s magnetic. Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve been all of these types of a lightworker and yes, they still help others. We’re all on a journey and like attracts like to help in remembering.

You might want to ask yourself:  Do you feel rested?  Do you feel healthy, healed from past wounds and complete?  Can you be patient… very patient?  Are you happy?  Can you feel love pulsing in every cell of your body and you wish to share this?  If so, awesome! Keep moving forward! If not, also awesome. It’s time to love the one your with – yourself.

I believe an effective lightworker needs to have their own foundation and comfort. If you’ve had a life before you awoke, it can take more time than your mind will feel comfortable with to clear the issues and remember your birth right. To remember what you came here to do. Until then, you are doing what you came here to do.

Ascension is NOT to be rushed.  Nothing is broken.  There is nothing to fix.  Lightworker, there are times to put down your sword, pen, light saber, bag of magic and BE.  Maybe you have already done enough.  Enjoy yourself and the human experience.

And also ironic, but a lightworker can get so focused on their purpose/ mission, they can forget the larger mission – helping the planet and universe. Just pause and take a step back.  For a moment accept what is and just be the light.  Drop your personal agenda if just for a day. If you continue to do this, you might just find out how much the Universe does wish for you to succeed yet you’ve been fighting yourself. There is an easier way if… you will just get still and listen.  We preach it and we must do it.

I also believe lightworkers are to connect and form a web of support. Find your kind.

And here’s another thought. Most lightworkers have had a drama/trauma filled life. Those experiences are our strength. We can relate to much and hold compassion and understand in our vibration. Yet we work hard to get out of drama and confusion. So isn’t it ironic that we’ll walk right back into it to help those who hold that vibration. Just think on this to better understand your lightworking role. Some are to continue ascending, taking a personal lightworker path. They might feel off course but what if you are on course. Others are to stop and pull up the next wave. But this will only happen when you are strong enough to do so.  Both are amazing choices. You can’t go wrong but having clarity will assist in attracting what you want in your journey.  Being a lightworker doesn’t have to be a dilemma (you can get past this stage) but it is a process.  Embrace whatever form of lightworker you are, now.  It is good enough.  And know that it will also change.

LOVE your light working in you, for you and others.  Love loving yourself and others.

And that was my post yet then, I was connecting a few dots.  So when you have this dilemma swirling in you (possibly unbeknownst to you), is this a reason why passionate lightworkers don’t succeed… meaning, not able to sustain their lifestyle by making their passion, their work?  And then have to work a job(s) that they know are not their passion??  Because we all have bills 🙂  Yet we have succeeded!  I’ve heard others who have had a spiritual experience say that had to return to the real world.  Wait?  Haven’t we come too far for this to happen?  Which world are you making your reality?  Take baby steps to become the Lightworker you envision yourself to be.

Thank you for reading!

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