2020 SOULS


A few years ago, I was receiving messages about an incoming wave of souls. They were special. They were being sent at a certain time and with a unique purpose. I noted all of the messages certain…. Well, now that’s not important. The information fascinated me and I googled to see if anyone else was talking about this new wave. At the time I found nothing and now I don’t feel the need to – strange. I know of the crystal, indigo and rainbow children. These children though, I referred to in my notes as the, Rays of Light.

At that time I was receiving whispers from their souls; their perspective and what would assist them in succeeding. I was also looking at our teenage youth very differently. They potentially were the parents of these souls. On occasion I’d be out and could feel the aura of a potential parent. Now, I do believe that EVERY soul born is important. No one is more important than another. Every life matters.

The Universe finally told me in a unique story when they were coming. One of my biggest struggles, my eye sight (far from being 20/20) was now to be a great strength. There was nothing wrong with my, vision.

Then one day the messages stopped. I was a bit confused and disappointed since there seemed to be a momentum. Was it just a portal?  Had the plan changed?  Had I changed? To be honest it was one of the main reasons I chose my website name and started blogging.

New energies and messages came so the Universe has kept me busy in other areas yet today I felt BIG energy and my first thought was of the 2020 Souls. They seem excited and I can feel that excitement in my body.  How cool!  I do know of others who specialize in working with “psychic” children (they all are). I’ve also been an advocate for family spirituality. There are so many simple ways to incorporate and support a spiritual lifestyle. That is what this is. Not a fad, a moment or an experience. It becomes and is a lifestyle. A way of… being.  From pre-conception, in birthing and in those younger years, so many ways that can make all the difference.  And the teens years are also so important.  For me personally I had some over the top experiences yet no one (including myself) understood.  And so I pushed away my gift.

These children are not to be labeled (ADD, Autistic, etc). Or even to be labeled as special in the sense of, “Rays of Light”.  They just come with a certain remembrance and gift.  I do believe they will be activating many of all ages.  And their activations might be not what we think.  I’m not sure if our society is ready for them but they are coming. And so a child shall lead.

I’d like to welcome you to open your heart to these souls and this energy. See what they have to tell you. 2020 is almost here and… yes, a few of these souls are coming in early.  How can we welcome them?  What changes can we make now that will support their arrival?  Here’s the interesting thing… maybe just getting ourselves as strong as possible is what we can do since we’ll probably be interacting with them at some point.

The energy alone of this youthful group is too good for me to keep to myself.  I feel certain that even if I don’t ever write another thing, this needs to be shared.  Some of the souls wish for you to know that you do know them.  They have been waiting to return in this particular way.  There will also be pockets where some are incoming.  They will find each other quickly and “work” (play) together.  I’d bet you will see halo’s in playgrounds and possibly some pretty dark places that need this light the most.

I encourage the sharing of this article (if it interests or resonates with you) to assist others in remembering. These words hold a special energy.  I am feeling it and honored!  Hope you are, too.  And ironic (not) but an ice cream truck is now driving by playing it’s music.  Can I just say that’s it’s January, 40 degrees and I haven’t seen this truck since August?



(Picture found online yet I can’t seem to link to the original to source.)


8 months later I’d be guided to release/share the notes I had.  You can start that journey here.  Thank you for reading.  ❤


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  4. OK this is to be reblogged on my page. My daughter Aly will have this child, and I see them all the time “now”! I am so glad I asked! I was in the first wave whatever that was “Star” Have made no big deal of “it” now and have several indigo and rainbows around me. This NEW wave is in 5d without the “work” Daughter has been with spirit Mom sense her birth getting downloads to spring board this frequency. She has found her 5D community ( even in the tech world of IBM). She is an inventor; As you say No ONE greater or lessor just on this path of instant BRITE HALOS Amen to this sister. Glad I could purge conditions to see them!

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  6. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    I almost have a sad feeling when it comes to thinking of the new waves of children. Feeling that they are more special then me, because all this effort in ascending is for them. A jealously comes forward, that they get to see so much more of the world we today are working to create. Whereas I wonder if I will ever live long enough to see the results. I’m just being honest and speaking words others might find unenlightened. I don’t have to pretend to be a guru. I am not one. I am real.

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