Unanchor and float


So… where to begin.  This might be the first mercury retrograde that I’m still getting all sorts of messages. Usually I’d be in what I referred to as a, personal spiritual lull. And trust me, I’ve truly felt each one. I’d receive spirit whispers if another needed a message but nothing for me. So I’d ponder, reflect, live my life and at times panic wondering when the messages would start again. The last two retrogrades my higher- self was available so now I can see the progression.  I wonder if this is a perk of 5D.  I’ll take it!

Over the past few days, I’ve had hours here and there of feeling, Frequency Light Upgrades (FLU) and many moments of spacing out. I’m gone… and then back.

I also been experiencing almost daily signs like doors closing (closure) and booms/thuds/explosions/ground shaking.

I was asked to UNANCHOR. What? Wait a minute.  For months I was told to, anchor light. So I mediated and was guided that I’ve anchored enough (for now) and need to be free floating. I was then told to allow my team to connect to me. I saw a vision of skydivers in formation. Yet my mind seemed to tell me that I was tandem and being taken care of by a more experienced guide. (So many of the images I get, I know are for comfort and to relate to.)

A year ago, I got in the practice of weekly cutting cords in meditation.  I was surprised that it took multiple attempts to get my energy clear. So when I heard to, attach, I had to realize it was safe to do this. I was now in a much higher and healthier energy.

I no longer have a higher-self who before seemed far off. That aspect has implanted yet I think she is sleeping (verses kicking my ass right now, lol). I now though seem to have access to a new, place. It’s more like a command center. It seems like… source. The Source or… my source.  I was in the middle and watching all my lives. Like dozens of different size TV screens and I could choose which to watch. I did seem to be very interested in this experience now.

As far as a collective (human mind) update, money worries are strong. So I’ll reference these past post:



And could the lotto hit a billion (just further showing hope or desperation).  I was also reminded of chaotic energy today when I went into town.  Yikes!

I will also say that while I’ve been mostly, spiritual high for over a week now, I had a moment where I seemed to freak out and want nothing to do with all of this. Healing, purging, etc. continues. The words I heard were, “You just can’t go back to normal… less than ordinary. Embrace your fears, they will become your dreams… once you get past the fear part. Don’t sabotage this part. We promise it will all work out.”

I thank each and every one of you who reads.  I’m hugging you and sending love and light.  Are we having fun yet??

7 comments on “Unanchor and float

  1. Mercury retrograde does seem to have an effect on my ‘spiritual connectability’ too – some more, some less. This one’s been of the former type, unfortunately. L and L to you too!

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  2. Yes, it was fun to play the lottery this time. I got to grocery shop afterwards, one of the employees kept on coming up with new numbers to try, so they would buy a lotto ticket walk off, and then go buy another. I didn’t win. Yet, the channelers I have been reading say that the Event will happen soon. I know I meant to stop reading them, but that lasted one day before I was curious. So many channelers seem to be converging on this time, but they have different ideas of what will happen.
    I do hope this isn’t on of those ‘almost theres’ that lasts 30 years.

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