It’s 1/11.  Oh I love this angel number!  So of course I had to do my passion today – writing!

A few nights ago I had a long and detailed dream of a past home I loved in (oh typo but true, meant lived) and of myself and the neighbors.  I awoke and was a bit surprised.  Why was I still dreaming of the past??  I’ve done years of inner work and I’m certain that those timelines should be crunched by now.  I thought of the signs in the dream.  What in my current vibration was, cross referencing??  I was able to get at a place of peace with the messages and I’d later meditate.  I was clear with the Universe that I was ready to move forward.  My house was in good order.  I then also sent off a few intentions.  So the last two nights have been pretty quiet.  I’ll take this as a good sign.  I’m welcoming new opportunities.

I wanted to pass along two items.  First, a thought. What if a negative comment is in fact the biggest compliment?  Over my years of following other teachers, at times I’ve heard them talk about their, “haters”.  I get it.  I used to be very sensitive and no one likes being attacked.  I mean we have best intensions and do our work from a place of love.  I’ve been truly blessed to have great support here as a blogger.  I’ve also had times that I did open myself up to constructive criticism.  Honestly though, it’s just an opinion (although it might be their truth).  We must be who we truly, divinely are.  Take nothing personal.

Yet, what if a negative, nasty or uncalled for comment or action is better than, “likes” and praising compliments?  Because often the work of a spiritual teacher (we all are) is to get another to remember.  Often, to think differently. Sometimes we are the trigger yet don’t even mean to be.  We trigger what needs to be expressed and released.  Fear.  Anger.  Rage.  Confusion.  Disappointment.  Sadness.  Dis-ease.  To come up and out in an attempt to lighten their load and find their inner light and truth. Their true being that has been covered up.  Now, it’s no guarantee that anything will change yet you’re a catalyst.  The choice is theirs.  The first reaction might have a ripple affect later on that one doesn’t even know of.  So LOVE the haters.  They need it the most.  And honestly, we’ve all been a hater of something at some point.  They are us.  It’s just too easy to like, like-minded.

Second, I wanted to pass along, The Eight Good Risks by Glenn Baja.  I needed these reminders and maybe you do, too.  They are found in his ebook, Thriving After 50 at http://thriveafter50.com.

  1. Risk taking full responsibility for your life.
  2. Risk discovering, developing and sharing your own unique gifts and passions.
  3. Risk believing in yourself.
  4. Risk understanding and overcoming your fears, to follow your own unique path.
  5. Risk focusing on what is great in your life.
  6. Risk believing that you have a higher purpose.
  7. Risk believing that dreams do come true, and that anything is possible.
  8. Risk believing that you cannot fail.

Happy 1/11 day!  A good day to make some intentions.  Then, believe!  When one can’t believe, they bring delay and struggle.  Believe this year is going to be, AWESOME!  In meditation, fill out your job, housing or mate application with the Universe.  Continue to refine and follow up on it.  BELIEVE!

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