Don’t You Worry Child


As I drove to the post office, this song came on the radio by Swedish House Mafia, Don’t You Worry Child.  Each time I hear this song, it’s like the Universe knows that I need to be reminded. Instead of just listening or singing along with the song, I fall into it and truly feel it. I then seem to come into perfect alignment and harmony with my divine plan and the Universe.

The past two days have been rather calm and peaceful for me. So I’ve taken moments to ponder on the last 30 days and how much I’ve changed. I mean it is a retrograde. I’ve also thought on my, signs. What has come into my world either in the form of people, situations, youtubes, articles, etc. Like a, hint, hint.  For me it’s been:

  • To step up. Now is not the time to be passive yet, stay humble. Take the skills you do have and make them work for you.
  • Take care of yourself. This is not a sprint.
  • Daydream. Set intentions. Yet be open, very open. Act only in knowing (now is not the time to waste energy) and be flexible.

And I’ve thought of my last few years. Wow – I’ve spent quite a bit of time with myself and in contemplation. I’ve had to learn how to be with and love myself. Before I so busy and only served and loved others. Well, no wonder I also had quite a bit of drama or as I’d say, a good story.  I’d often say, I just can’t make this stuff up. The Universe did what it needed to, to get me to this place. I’ve gone from being co-dependent (gheez, no one likes to admit this) to a co-creator.  I needed to serve in order to feel love.  I needed for their to be something broken to feel productive as I attempted to fix it.  AND this is also from being a co-dependent lightworker to a co-creating lightworker. This is huge.

Several months ago I was in a new stage of peace. It was very quiet. It did seem to align with many others who were shifting. It’s also a stage where it’s very easy to pull drama right back to you. I was tested. I had to remain (the new) me in deciding how to respond, if at all. Love, though, has always been the answer. Love to myself and others.

And on google are images of Sleeping Beauty.  Hmm… I do wonder what will be revealed as I sleep.  That’s part of this journey, life can change in a second.  I’m calling in something, amazing!  And I hope you are, too.

Unsure of original source of photo.  Found on Google images.  Beautiful!

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