Orbs and other oddities



Well, here’s the latest… for me. Odd is my new normal and actually feels good to me.  As I was falling asleep, I was asked to stop attempting to bring my body with me as I went to other places. (Haha, I didn’t think I was.)  Often at night I send my soul off. I envision an undefined white essence slipping away but now it was a tight, small and colorful orb. It felt so lite and able to quickly go many places. Zipping here and there. I thought of my fascination with orbs in pictures that I’ve taken. It did look just like that.  Okay, orbs really are spirits (I knew this but now on a new level).

Then I saw a short vision. An alien. Well, I don’t do aliens, lol. This alien though was unzipping his/her costume and I heard a short explanation that each dimension has an identity which is really more like a costume. In reality, we are all just these energy orbs.

My knee has been acting up for a few weeks now (which could be for many ascending reasons) and the past few mornings, my eyes have been quite puffy. In particular my “lazy” eye seems to have pressure behind it. Universe you have my full permission to work on this!

There have been times I’ve had to take a mini-rest session during my awake hours. I’ve been encouraged to, go limp. To completely relax. Whatever changes that are going on inside need some space to do their work and that is hard when we are always in motion.

Several days ago I received a message that there was a small set back in merging 5D (for lack of better words). I’m not a gatekeeper or a grid worker per say yet I seem to get an occasional insight. By now this is old news but it is why we are seeing some chaos as this energy integrates. I try to be a lightworker in all of my actions yet at times it’s best for me to be a lightworker at home realizing I’m not needed in certain chaotic situations.

In reference to channeling and ascending I’ve heard the word, download and the word, upgrades (happening within). I paused and quickly realized for me, I do both. How cool. There are times I feel information is coming in and times I feel something in waking up inside of me. One is not better than the other, they are both amazing. This is all about being multi-skilled, multidimensional and very open-minded. Each one of us is different.

And make sure that you are checking yourself. If the message is of love, inspiring and/or a feel good high, then proceed. If it seems just average (what might have been the old normal and pretty good then), then you are releasing. Let it go. Right now many of us are still releasing a lower body and older forms of our higher self. Bye-bye!

And could some of us (with more recent crazy sleep cycles) be slipping into certain “time” realities and merging with certain time zone – that might not be our current one.

And finally (for now)… I love my teachers and recently heard that when one sleeps on their left side, they are releasing past issues. Right side, future issues. Well, I often toss and turn – ha! I also believe the mummy position aligns you for a busy night of work. A sign that you are open and ready.

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