I was once told by the Universe, “You don’t have to believe.” And at the time, I agreed with this statement. We all have free will.  I also thought of Edgar Cayce. I’ve read that he, at times, struggled with his own gift.

So many of the messages I’ve received, I’ve taken with a grain of salt for many reasons. You can read into a message and I’ve learned it’s usually not what you think.  Some messages will be specific yet you need to hold it loosely since it’s always changing anyway. And any wisdom shared is just a layer of a much larger truth that comes when one is ready to remember. The only message I’ve ever received that is simple is, I love you.

Some time ago, I decided to at least hear (being in heart space) all that I received (verses blocking or arguing) and I believe it’s all true in some context. So maybe the words should be, you don’t have to understand.

Believing though has become an important lesson for me since I recently placed a manuscript in the mail. This is not my first trip to the post office. I’ve tried three times before. My knowing tells me I don’t need to push or do the traditional and exhausting way of mailing it to a hundred publishers. So I act when I’m guided. The issue is, while each trip was a milestone and exciting, I can’t say that 100% belief has been there. Well, I’ve seen others manifest and they didn’t have 100% belief either. At times there are things that are to come to us not matter what. So I searched my heart right before I left.  What would make this time, different?  I found that for me in this life, I must have 100% belief when it comes to getting a book published. It’s a part of my divine plan. Not even 99% will do (that must have been last life, lol). So no maybe, on the fence, doubt or being wishy-washy. A knowing, confidence and smile.

I’ve found it’s easy to test your believe-o-meter. First, how does it feel in your body? Your body (power center) will tell you. Does it close or feel like you are putting up a wall of protection? Or does it expand, tingle and feel light? Then what does your mind say? Now while you can get positive thoughts spinning up there, can you get them out of your mouth? Can you speak your truth? And then not only speak it, how do those words roll out? Quiet, shaky… or with ease and grace? Finally, how does your heart and soul feel? Can you sense a sunshine, rainbow or colorful field of wild flowers? Anything that makes you feel good. If not, no worries. Your body is just telling you the vibration you hold and like attracts like. Work with your body, mind, heart and soul to raise yourself to the vibration you seek.  Attract to you what you desire to experience.

And… here is a thought. Let’s use the word as our guide. Be lie ve. A huge part of the spiritual journey is, being. In a state of being, you will be guided. Also, a part of the journey is realizing your truth. For me, I found what was my old truth were actually lies. Yikes! I had to stop lying to myself about a lot of things. So what lies underneath the life you have been living? It’s your pot of gold!  Be ALIVE in your truth.

Believing is not controlling.  So don’t get all caught up in the details of how it will unfold.  The Universe works in sneaky, mysterious, hilarious and very unusually ways.

The word, believe to me = Be love. Be love to the desire you are wishing for and for the one who desires it. Creating and manifesting is about LOVE.

8 comments on “BELIEVE

  1. Beliefs have become very slippery for me, though an underlying certitude remains. My experience has been that Beliefs + Manuscript => absolute chaos. Visions I saw clearly and felt viscerally faded.

    I admire your confidence and belief. Looking forward to hearing about your book doing what you see it doing. ❤

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  2. Beautiful post, Molly. I can relate to these lessons about belief and manifestation lately. I have been shown by examples that a pure intent with no counteracting ingredients of fear or doubt will get fast results. Whereas as wish which is mixed with fear and doubt will not get results or mixed results.
    Time to let go of fear and doubt for me. If it were only that easy….

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