Sun Language



These past two weeks have been interesting. Just as I finish writing a post, I find myself back at my laptop typing away, again.

It’s 40 degree’s cold here (yes, there are all types of cold) yet I sat in the sun this morning. Oh what a difference just a few minutes made. GET IN THE SUN!!

I was told a few weeks ago a seed had been planted and to allow it to grow. This morning as I was listening to the sounds underneath the sounds of life, I could feel both in me and the Earth that seed. Spring, that’s when it will bloom. Then I heard, “The more we give you, the less you will settle for.” Wow.

I was told to un-anchor my light days ago. Then I was told to it would be re-anchored and to pay attention to what I was drawn to. Signs. Dreams. Messages. To be very open. In the un-anchoring the Universe is assessing your energy and seeing where you are a match. And are some of us getting ready to try out running multiple realities?? I’ll have to let you know how this play out for me.

The words, Light Language have also been popping up for me. You can google it. Another way the Universe is communicating and supporting us. Here we have an alphabet yet in some dimensions they have numbers only, designs or all is known on a vibration.

When you think about signs, I’ll share one with you. Jeans = genes. Your genes do change and that’s all a part of our upgrading dna. And I’ve gone through three pairs of jeans in less than 30 days. Just plain worn out. Or should I say, HOLY!

Several months ago I was listening to a variety of spiritual telicasts/radio shows often. For the most part, I found them informative, inspiring and helpful. Yesterday I went to watch one and I immediately felt sick. Then this morning there was a reminder for another in my email and I couldn’t even read it. It’s all about vibration and yours is constantly changing.  When one vibration is done, you have to let go.  I know to trust my body. There is something else I need to be doing. Either pulling in or acting in my knowing.

Last night I had a few hours of this whirling overwhelming energy.  I like the highs but this wasn’t feeling so good.  So I chilled.  I also asked for the Universe to guide me.  Often older posts come back to me in the form of a new like.  I do take the time to re-read them.  In my own words is a reminder and answer.  So, surrender is my reminder.

I also wanted to share a word on, judgement. Judgement is a mind thing. So when you find yourself judging yourself or another, just remember to come back into your heart space.  Isn’t being a human, fun!  For now I think I’m going back outside for another sun fix.  Surrendering in the sun.  Have a great day!

5 comments on “Sun Language

    • And! Many messages I get come with this zinger feeling. This was one of them. I so got it! It’s not about the material world. It’s about the world of Spirit and how you realign yourself to what is truly important.

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  1. Really cool how the divine guides us. I love the jeans/genes story . Never thought about it that the meaning can come from the sound. I am collecting everything about the topic of divine guidance right now as I am supposed to organize and share it. So, thanks for this new snippet of information.
    I also like the story about an old post which comes up with a new like which contains a message. The universe is broadcasting to us on all channels.

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    • Spirit and I play with puns, words and there were so many signs I used to miss yet in channeling they teach me how they try to get our attention. Everything seems to be a sign yet when we are busy, we just miss it. How awesome – your organizing and sharing! You rock!!

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      • This is awesome that they teach you in channeling how they try to get our attention. I always love when you share how you get guidance.
        I have noticed, too, that everything can become a sign.


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