Embracing your inner light


While today is a holiday for many in America, I seem to be in lightworkers school. Many mini a-ha’s and awakenings – I’ll write of them soon.  Over the past few days, I’ve taken moments in the sun and in my more normal routine, I hear this gentle reminder:

“You are assimilating light.”  I could attempt to explain this yet it means many things and different things to each one of us.  Turn inward and let your truth light the way.

I’ve also had frequent moments of brain fog/zooning out as if I was in several places yet, have no memory of those places. It could be easy to say, not much is happening yet I know better.  If it’s quiet for you, take this as a blessing.  And if things are tough right now, I truly feel for you. I’ve been there and also know it’s a stage of development. It won’t last forever and you will get through it.  Things are changing faster so allow this energy to help you.  Don’t stay, stuck.

So I thought I’d pass along a few short messages and thoughts from the past few days. If it’s in quotes, Spirit has whispered these reminders to me… us.

“You have everything you need to succeed. Just use it differently. Trust that if more or different is needed, it will come to you.”

“All of the messages you receive are from you.” Ah, so we have been everything. Wait, I remember writing on this yet I even seem to get amnesia of my own acknowledgements.

“Self-serving serves others.”

I was also thinking on, surrender. When one is in this state, the Universe is able to easily move you into alignment.

And… who came up with all these grammar rules? I know one is not supposed to start a sentence with, and yet this works for me. I really have developed my own creative writing style.

Silence.  It’s more than an Allstate commercial.  Ever notice that it makes many uncomfortable?  For me, years ago I had to turn down the external world. Then when channeling started, it was like ocean waves. A sentence and then a long pause and then another sentence. And I’ve seen others pause as they teach. A time to truly absorb what was just said verses listening to react.

And… (haha) has anyone else noticed moments, particularly in nature, where the colors are more intense? This is 5D. I was once shown this a few years ago yet not since. The greens are richer, the blues are more shades and there is often a golden glow.

Well, I’ll write more soon. Back to school for me.  Wishing you an enjoyable day!

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