When you ask the Universe for a sign, the weather is one.  So when I looked at the weekly forecast I knew to “chill” as much as I could yesterday and today.  The temps will be a bit warmer later in the week.

I have a routine on Monday.  I’ve done it for months now.  Yesterday though felt like an opposites day.  I was to do the opposite of the routine.  Ha!  I do encourage you to try this.  The word, contrast comes to mind.  Like being in a warm house and you step outside to 20 degrees yet… all of your senses come alive.

A LOT in going on energetically!  For those who don’t know/understand, it’s manifesting in drama.  Stay centered… because you can.  Take care of yourself and separate from any drama (unless it’s serving you).  And if possible, gently remind others of their greatness; their divine nature.

For me, I’m having small yet non-stop synchronicities these past few days.  Confirmation that the Universe knows my every step and I’m right where I’m supposed to be.  Right now I can’t type the articles that are stirring in my heart.  I have a headache yet I know that it’s an upgrade and reminder to, go slow.  Hiccups are also another way energy moves around in our body.  Laughter 🙂 will also move energy.

I’m trying to stay away from the computer and realizing how much I do use it.  The answers for me at this time can’t be found online.  There are times on this journey that what you need is so personal and can only be found by turning inward.  There isn’t a reference point and can be quite exciting as you find your uniqueness.  You can’t compare your journey to another – there is no comparison.  You have to use your spiritual muscle so it’s “gym” time.

So let me practice what I preach.  Sending you warm energy as you, chill.  Breathe.  Relax.  Soften.  Open.  Chill.

In light, love, gratitude and service.


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