Well, this has been an odd week. Each day has not been typical or what was my normal routine. And where has it gone??  Or… where have I gone?  LOL.  I do feel as if my energy is often someplace else.

I had a few places I needed to go yesterday and again and again I was sincerely told, Thank you for being patient. Hmm… that P word that challenges many. Being… able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. I didn’t necessarily feel like I was waiting so I wasn’t sure this repeated message was for me, but it was.

In my journey, I’ve calmed and slowed down significantly. Overachiever, mover and shaker and Type A, I used to be.  Patience does seem to more naturally be, not a skill, but a state of being. This week though I’ve felt the need for time and self-care verses my normal living and moving forward.  Strange since nothing necessary happened, just an inner knowing.

I think back to several month ago when I hit the neutral zone. I’d been on a spiritual journey for a while. It had turned into phases and wasn’t what I’d initially thought. When you enter the neutral zone, while it is a place of peace, it can be unsettling. The death of old ways and a rebirth. I then found my lane and have been cruising along. Yet a stop sign was placed before me on Monday with a reminder from Spirit to not compare my journey to another. This next step was about finding my truth (well, even more).

This week, in allowing several periods of rest (really neither a nap or meditation), I’ve felt this release of disease. Possibly what might have been my future or from other lives. A release of cellular memory that doesn’t serve me. I seem to be just remembering the minimum, yet enough.  I also had a night of sleep where I kept waking asking, why are there 1000 spirits in the bedroom??

If I was to use a comparison, it feels like a train that has pulled into a roundabout.  A time of service. Service to self.  Then when this train heads out again, it will be pointed in a new direction/track.


I have… (or had?) posts I wanted to write yet my mind can’t seem to focus on them. Hmm. What is getting ready to happen?? The one thing I do know is not to force, panic, compare or whine about when will “it” be my turn.  The “it” being whatever is next in my evolution.  Because really everyday has been my turn on this amazing journey.  I trust my inner knowing, there is a Divine order and hence the reminder, Thank you for being patient.  

So during his time, I have to be what I have become. Love. And love is patient.

And interesting, a large winter storm is in the forecast.  Ahh, a mirror – the calm before the storm – yet in the way that a great expression is getting ready to happen.  Love Mother Nature.

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  1. For me, it was not patience directly, but more indirectly. There were a lot of delays for us. Cancelled and delayed appointments. Deadlines which could hardly be met. So, I thought that the theme of delay is currently running through all of it. But patience is another way to look at it.
    Thanks a lot for sharing. I always love to compare notes with you.

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