Well, is it just me or is the energy off the charts?  I hardly slept last night.  So… where to start. So many random thoughts.  At least my brain is working today.  My laptop, barely.  It seems to be taking a while to restart.  Yes, symbolic.

Things in my house seem to be expanding and popping (water bottles, etc.). This is a time of EXPANSION.

I was asked to unanchor and “float” two weeks ago and I think I’ve found the timeline/places/connections/reasons why/where I need to invest my energy.  Exciting!  Yet, can I tell you, I could have (dis)missed this.  I was told in a message yet it seemed a bit… unobtainable.  Yet after a few days of allowing it to sink in, I thought, why the heck not?  The other day I heard the song, Dream On by Aerosmith and paused. I love this song. Dream until your dreams come true

With several planets aligning in the sky, I also feel an alignment in my body, in my home – the many layers and forms that it takes. It’s as if my body here is aligning to many other realities and those soul aspects as well. There’s a power in this yet, I don’t know how to quite explain it yet.

I feel as if this wave of healers and teachers are ready. Ready to assist those who are awakening now. Yet many still don’t know how. This will come. Patience is still needed. I remember back to when I used my pendulum and tarot cards often. At the time, it helped. Now though, they don’t. Many of us needed, more. And there is so much we still don’t know (yet we do know enough). It’s this amazing balance of truth that has awoken in us, letting go of what served us (old beliefs) and being open to the unknown (which is really just new skills).

I’m also reflecting on how lightworkers will come together in a new way. Many of us on this wave have experienced what would be easy to call an, ego or still coming from a framework of fear lightworker/teacher/healer. Yes, they have a skill and have been a part of our journey… in determining what we didn’t wish to be. While in the past, I was disheartened or confused when I meet that type, in reality I could have chosen that role.  Now, this is about supporting and encouraging others. No competition. Everyone is needed.  Everyone.

The Universe has also been talking with me about, enjoyment. Basically, if you’re not having fun, stop. Particularly when it comes to your spiritual journey. If there is struggle, well, we no longer do struggle. It either works or it doesn’t. We need to keep moving forward. The Universe is guiding us to our spot and the joy is in finding it. Our team does wish for us to be successful.

The Universe has also been talking with me about, completeness. When one is whole, then you don’t have an agenda, a need. Needs send a vibration out and a lesson then appears in the form of a teacher, situation, drama, etc. These circumstances seem to fill a whole until we can do that for ourselves; becoming self-containing.

When you are present, not having a motive, this can be a joy moment. Your soul is joy. The Universe is joy.  Often we manifest lessons verses our desires. These lessons, in the past, have taken us way off the path. Yet, nothing happens by mistake. All of our experiences serve a purpose. But I do believe many of us are done with lessons and ready for joy and magic.

For some time, I’ve noticed this pattern of when a thought/message comes in, if I don’t immediately write it down, it’s gone. Yet, often it comes back around. Like a record player. Life lessons also seem to do this. Then late one night as I was gazing into the starry sky, I heard, You are the Universe. Everything is spinning around you. Wow – what a concept to absorb. I thought of this song by Lonestar and started to hum, I’m the sunshine in your hair… The Universe is in us and all around us.

And finally, I wanted to share a release and then realization moment I had. I was in the doctor’s office watching a mother with her two daughters. It was cold outside and she was patiently ensuring all were layered up. Their backs were turned to me but I could feel the love. The older daughter, about four, turned around and smiled at me. I smiled, too. Then the mom turned the stroller around and I locked eyes with the younger daughter. She had Down syndrome. My eyes immediate teared up. I’ve always been caught off guard around Down syndrome. I just pause and am not sure what to say or do (as if I’m searching for some understanding inside of me). It just touches me in a very deep place. So that evening I googled Down syndrome and possible spiritual reasons. For some reason, I wanted to see what was online verses what Spirit had to say.  I saw several articles that stated if one had ended their life by a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, they’d return in the next life with Down syndrome (a life of, rest). I could only imagine a mother reading this. Seriously?! While this might be a reason, I know Spirit. These articles sounded like fear and punishment. I wouldn’t ignore the angel disguised as having Down syndrome.

For me, as I thought on it a bit more, I realized I must have had Down syndrome at some point. I could see how it could have an overlapping residual to my life now.  I mean, have you ever had someone look at you and think you were not their level of intelligence or not able to care for yourself or, like you were invisible because you were different?  Have you had someone underestimate the love that you held and was willing to give?  I don’t think I’ll pause when I see another who has Down syndrome again. I will see, me. That love and light. Now, that feels right.  We are what we love, hate and don’t understand.  I encourage you to embrace it all and find your truth.

Have a blessed day!  It seems to be an energetic one.

2 comments on “Restarting…

  1. I feel the down syndrome children are very special. I have a little one with Special needs, he has a vaccine injury, he is classified as borderline for autism and he has Sensory Processing Disorder. I was told by Spirit, that these special children have chosen to “not be in the body fully” in this lifetime. They are such a high vibration that they can’t stand the density of the planet at this time. Have you noticed how free and happy the little ones with down syndrome are? I used to be a special needs caregiver and these kids were always the happiest kids in my class! They just live in the moment, and enjoy life! ❤

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    • Yes! Thank you for sharing. We can learn from them. I’ve felt their pure happiness, too. A blessing. For me I think it was a realization that I’ve been everything and DS was a part of my journey. I guess I’ve seen some be… not so nice to a person with DS and I also needed to release that.

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