Claiming your new reality


I can remember times in my journey that I couldn’t find what I was experiencing, out there. A reference point.  So I decided to write about it for both myself and others. I can’t say that most of my experiences have been what I’d thought they’d be like.

If you follow my blog, you know I’ve been on my journey for several years now. Well, really my entire life. Since 2012 I’ve processed, purged, healed, etc. my past, which often brought up (unbeknownst to me at the time) past-life issues as well. Gheez… (lol) this life was confusing enough.  At the time I didn’t understand but you have to clear stories/blocks/cellular memory to uncover your true gifts.  Honestly, it wasn’t fun. It was tough and if I’d been warned, I can’t say I would have. Yet… I had to. While there would be days/weeks/months of study, lessons and tests, there were also so many moments of peace, bliss and unconditional love like I’d never felt in my life. I finally got to a place where I felt like many emotionally charged events became just a story I could refer to. I no longer held the pain. Yah and amazing!

So then I took responsibility for my life. All of it. Well… that took taking off my blinders, honesty, incredible patience and was often confusing and humbling. Yet, Spirit was by my side each step of the way. Yes, at times quiet – that’s part of it.

When channeling started for me, often the messages would tie into an event that happened in my life. At times I’d forgotten but as they were brought up, I couldn’t deny. So it gave me a confirmation and validation in the messages. And the feeling the messages gave me was like an instant release and healing. Then when I was working with my present reality, Spirit would mention events and sure enough, they’d often come to fruition. Yet, it was usually small stuff (not to make light of this).  Spirit would also mention options I hadn’t thought of. Theses option my mind felt were indeed, doable. So I did appreciate all of this. This was also a time of raising my energy. A process indeed.

For several years now, I’ve given message to others. Spirit comes through clearly and at times with force. If it’s dealing with a future issue, another might not believe it, yet it feels so attainable to me. I can see the support they have to make it happen.  I’m just a reminder and cheerleader and only if they would believe.

Yet when it comes to me… haha… hmm. It can be difficult to get advice for yourself from Spirit. I think back to other well know physics who opening admit they had the same challenge. Yet this has been a large part of my journey. Being a life coach, healer and channel to myself so that I can be a lightworker and channel to also assist others. I know there are many others like myself who’ve spent years in their own journey. So I like to share what I’ve learned and even what I’m not so sure about. We’re all in this together; caring and sharing.

So for me, once I completed my past and present issues, it was time for the longer range future stuff. Well, can I just say I felt ready for this years ago? I had a list of questions then yet Spirit wouldn’t answer. Instead, they kept me busy with other topics and now I see why.  What I did then, determined my future.  It’s also very interesting – when you get to your future stuff, what you’ve been waiting quite some time to talk about, it can in some ways be a test. You don’t always have the confirmations to rely on. So a new issue will become obvious. Do you believe? Can you trust? And what will you do as it (your new reality) unfolds? Can you enjoy your life?  Can you love yourself enough not to sabotage your future? You see the future stuff at times will take you several steps ahead in your energy/evolution journey. You do need to know about it now so you’ll have time to better understand (in the mind) and not block the experience.  You also need time to “equip” yourself since you’ll be an active part of getting yourself there.

Over the years, my guides have changed. I’ve had angels, teachers, departed loved ones, masculine, feminine, God, other dimensions/entities and even a fairy god mother. I’ve also merged with my higher-self. I use the word, Spirit to summarize.  Regardless, you will be guided. And if you don’t, get it, (either messages or what a message means) no worries. The Universe will find a way to remind you in a dream, sign, knowing or a lesson that manifests in your reality.

For many who have been working their way to this future place, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Sorry! There will be parts that are easy and some things will happen faster yet the point is, you’ll continue to grow. The Universe will continue to stretch you. So, you have a choice. For me, I continue on and encourage you to do the same. This is where fear of our power comes in. Yes, we actually fear what we want the most. We find a way to delay our own journey.  Gheez!  Why would we do this??

You do know your future. It’s just you don’t believe it yet. Think of the signs, knowing, whispers and dreams you’ve had. A few months ago I would have said, but I don’t know, yet now on this side of a new level of understanding/remembrance, I can see the reminders that have been there all along. Now you claim the reality and feed it with thoughts, love… energy. And in the meantime, you live. No doubt!  You must hold the vibration verses needing to be constantly reminded and encouraged.  Be what you want; that vibration.

So over this past year, I’ve written about dreaming, ones soul plan and then being open. There are so many ways and stages in this journey. Yet I now feel that I’ve reached a place I’ve been looking for my entire life. It’s at an intersection of my authentic self in this reality and my soul plan and a dream. Yet I will admit that it took me years of soul searching to get here. And you’ll know when you get to this place, what’s right for you. It is worth the wait to know and have this clarity. My final confirmation was testing it out in my heart. Well, my heart overflowed into my body. I was excited, overwhelmed and giddy.

I am honored that you’ve taken the time to read and thank you for being a part of my journey. Much love to you and to your new reality! It’s there. Claim it and continue to walk into it.

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