4 comments on “Out of the woods yet?

  1. I love music – all types. Part of my soul, lol. I usually hear/interpret songs a bit different than what they might mean to another. Will have to look up k-pop.


    • Korean Pop music. I used to listen to J-pop. Japanese Pop music. Yet, K-pop is more assessable to international fans. So many different artists, and I don’t know who to recommend. Lots of dancing… unless you find Big Bang… they don’t focus on dance as much.

      My current favorite band is Got7, but that is because of their personality. They always come back with a new concept. Yet, I don’t know if they are the best intro to K-pop. I used to recommend Big Bang, and G-Dragon Solos as the bridge between American and Korean music. (They have good music videos, usually.) Another good group is SHINee, or the group f(x).

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  2. I listen to K-pop, but I admit the artwork in this video is good. Most American music videos are boring. I turned away from popular music American music quite a while ago. You post much music. You are very music based.

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