Light Messages


Things seem to be changing.  Always!  Several weeks ago the energy shifted for me and now there’s often good things to share yet they are so random. I got use to, “labeling” (haha) a post as I wrote on a topic. Like it was a lesson in itself. It’s almost as if that style might be on the lighter side for me now.

So I pondered on how to deliver this newer info that flows through me. It feels like a collective energy update yet also what’s happening to me as a vessel and as I take this journey. So for now I think I’ll call them, Light messages. The frequency in which I post them will be as them come and I can get to typing them. The frequency will also be of love and light. ♥  They do seem lighter than the lesson posts I’ve written – yah!  A shift!

I felt an energy surge the other day that stayed with me for about two hours. It was like an unsupervised preschool class/play room. The energy was very light-hearted. They referred to me as an, old lady in a joking way. A nice reminder to loosen up! Not to worry, be excited and have fun.

Loving yourself to wholeness. Doesn’t that sound nice and… easy to do? It is. In what ways are you giving yourself unconditional love? Yes, up the ante, not just love but unconditional.

I wanted to mention spiritual highs. For me at times they feel like a low blood sugar moment where you’re a little loopy or like you’ve had a glass of wine. You aren’t grounded. You are free and floating. It’s hard to be serious since you are light headed. They can last for a few minutes or hours! I usually don’t get any messages. A spiritual high feels like bliss.  It can be an energy upgrade and they often come without warning. Once the upgrade has happened in you, you’re able to access a higher frequency of incoming messages.  On occasion they happen to me in public.  It took me a while to realize this happened for a reason.  Other’s around me needed this energy, too.

I also wanted to share a few words on being an empath. An empath feels other’s energy. A struggle an empath has is, then deciding what to do with what they feel. It is so easy to internalize the confusing energy. If this serves you (often as a realization and/or needed release), okay. Know though that you are feeling another’s energy. If you can remind them of their inner being and light, please do. Don’t read into it or continue to carry it. It isn’t you. Well, we are everything but you are working hard to build your light body. Move on!  And speaking of light body, as I was going to sleep I received a short glimpse.  I closed my eyes and was surprised to see this kaleidoscope of bright colors in me.  How cool!

Some time ago I remember sitting on a park bench and watching in the distance joggers go by. One caught my eye as her run was turning into a walk. I sent energy to her. Then I saw her go from fatigue to a smile on her face and a pep in her step. Coincidence?? Nothing is coincidence. Practice. It’s all about energy. Send it!

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