One small step

The spiritual journey is about being honest and real.  It times this feels like vulnerability yet we can change so quickly.  So… this is just a one minute video because, I’m a writer!  Yet I’m testing out the video waters.  So many make this look easy so I’ll see if this will become more natural for me.  I’m not of the selfie generation.  Blessed are the “kids” who feel so at ease with this.

While I love using a camera, I usually avoid the other end of it and while I’ve been on TV, I felt like I was abducted when the “on air” sign lit up.  Over the past year I’ve written and recorded a few youtubes and added pictures.  As I listened to them again, I could hear how far I’ve come.  I can’t say that I love those youtubes (their not perfect) yet I decided not to take them down.  This is a process.  Maybe someone will benefit from that style or the words.  They came from my heart and that’s what matters.

Interesting though, what I’ve feared, placing my face with my words now seems like the authentic me.  Realizing that I don’t need a script or to appear a certain way.  And this way is much less work.  So I’m not sure when the next one will be.  I do when moved by Spirit.

Thanks for reading, watching and your support.  Love ya!

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