Clarification of your mission


I had another, “go slow” day. I had every opportunity to be my normal self yet I slowed down and was very present in every action. I seemed to be holding space inside my body and short messages rolled in on a variety of topics.

I was told that soul braids often assist in times of transition such as career change, divorce and death of a loved one. Because one might be in a state of stress, shock or trauma, they don’t even realize.

I heard, “Just now are you awakening.” Ha! I thought I’d been doing that for several years. “We think it was more like uncovering, moving things around…”

I asked, what is ego? “Energy in motion.” Interesting. “Know that if you have a question, you hold the answer.” I’ve also been having more goose bumps as confirmation moments.  I’ll say something and then my body is covered in them. Like my thought, voice and cellular memory agree. Or like my soul is excited and lighting up a confirmation.

Our minds like to label everything; categorize. The Universe though is about being open, expansive and overflowing. I think a good question when one is discerning is, if I don’t place a label on ___________, what advice would assist me at this time?

I took a few minutes to sit outside in the sun and blend with Mother Nature. I then thought, at my core… it’s all about love. So simple. Then I heard, “You are not here on a mission… (to save the planet). You are here to be an expression of, love.”

So then why have I always had this… drive? “To get to this very place/moment. There is no mission. It’s not like your mind thinks or how your world uses this word. We just see divine expression of love. That is success. You do what you love. No more, no less.” I wondered if this applied for all lightworkers and I got the sense, yes, although some might disagree. At times and for various reasons, a lightworker’s mission seems to get tied into scale/size/numbers.

“Mission gives purpose, something to do, when all one has to do is, love.” Hmm, so we search and push and persevere and … All to find out it’s simpler than we thought? I could feel a gentle smile.

As the day went on, I found I had moments where I shed tears. It wasn’t necessarily sadness yet at times, it had this overwhelming sense. “You are shedding what love is pushing out.  Incubate this (new) peace and love.”

I felt my body was holding more love than it could. It was as if I could see darker soul aspects release and float away as the day continued on. I asked, what do I do with this overflowing energy of love? “Shape it into form.” Oh, manifest via the energy of love not just thought. Co-create at a much higher level. “You can manifest your hearts desires. Wanting and needing are of the wrong vibration.” This is also why appreciating everything is so important. Appreciation is a form of love.

I also heard, “Allow love in and, Let love find you.” These words mean many things so see what resonates with you. I’ve believed in vibration for years now and the Universe seems to be schooling me a bit more. I seem to understanding on a new level that the vibration that one holds determines what comes to them.

I also thought of how I protected my heart for many years. Then of when I got to the space of being open and a blank slate a few months ago. Now it was clear to me I was to honor and hold space for, unconditional love. I was now holding a vibration of light and love. I was also not having a need to serve but to be of service.

“We are preparing you to love your life.” When I heard these words, I thought of my journey through periods that felt like waiting, delay and stagnation. Yet I went from frustration to peace and patience. I’ve gotten to a place where I do love my life yet I felt like there will be new levels I’ll be embracing. Cool! Embracing all is to walk in 5D. We can’t be selective or hide.

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