I went to bed the other night with what I call, spiritual growing pains.  It’s not the first time I’ve felt them, so I know it just lasts a day or so. I still need to find a more positive way to describe the feeling but you do act like an over-tired toddler who just needs a nap.  So I had a restless night and awoke a bit out of sorts. I awoke thinking, I don’t want to do this anymore – being a spiritual warrior.  Gheez, where did that come from?  I knew not to take myself too serious.  I told my mind to calm down.  I am not a warrior this life. I am a spiritual being. I eat, sleep and play, Spirit. I now know no other way and I truly do love it. So I laid in bed and started with my thank you’s.  Try it with me:

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for my health.

Thank you for a warm home.

Thank you for coffee.

Thank you for clothes, internet, a car and all the people who are in my life.  Thank you for all the things I take for granted.  So many things!

These past few days I’ve been taking in a lot of energy (will post on that later) so I understand why awakening comes in stages. I arose to make coffee and talked to everything that I saw and touched.  Thank you.  Try it – you’ll quickly see how truly blessed you are.

I then went to my laptop to see a spike in my wordpress stats. I was wondering why. I often write and then schedule a date for them to go online so… what did I write? I then realized The Master Shift had placed this


on their facebook page literally at the same time I was saying my thank you’s.  Wow!  Talk about a synchronicity and sign.  So another, thank you was now being said.

I’ve submitted articles to The Master Shift for a year now and I’ve been blessed to have several run. It’s always a surprise and honor.  I just stood and savored the moment.  Some time ago I was in a discussion about being a “published” author. I thought to myself, times are changing. I AM a published author each time I hit the publish button on wordpress.  I do wish to share my words and vibration.  By the end of the day, my facebook page had indeed been blessed.

I did take time to stretch and remind my body we could handle this.  That growing pain feeling now seemed gone and time to move on to the next adventure.  Awesome!

So please join me in Thank You moments. How these two words can do so much for you and our planet.  Feel the vibration.  Again a simple thing to do yet powerful.  And… THANK YOU for reading!

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