Specialized Paths


I had several intense days and then… Well, it’s hard to describe. Was it silence? Was it feeling very human again? I knew to honor it yet…  I took it as a blessing. While it was really just hours, it felt like months. Many are still clearing BIG stuff.

I’m not exempt although I will say, I feel like I’ve rounded a corner. Eight months ago I had a release I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through. I couldn’t write… I couldn’t do anything! Now a few things arise yet I seem to be clear. No more (old ways) seems to be the theme. I make a decision and don’t second guess.

I’m also realizing my gifts are changing and I’m being quizzed already. I have to step out of my comfort zone. I know that if I don’t claim these newer aspects, they will not grow. So I had an encounter yesterday. I guess you could say that I was reluctant. I proceeded yet I could feel my heart race. It ended up going over very well and after the fact I could see, of course this encounter was supported. Claiming the gifts we forgot we had is a part of this journey.

I looked at my old business card and brochure that I handed out two and a half years ago.  Did I do any of these things anymore?  Not really.  Wow.  We each have a specific role here and we have to be open to it constantly changing.

I believe many of us have been energetically traveling along in a large pack. We do receive generally similar messages. How we experience and then express them though is supposed to be unique. Yet assignments are being made. It’s like a road that is getting ready to branch off into many different directions. There is also a group who will go on in their internal work verses being external lightworkers. They seem silent yet their role is just as important if not more so. If you’re not sure what your role is, stay the course. Nothing is wrong. This is a process and patience is often needed.

I was guided to share to welcome any ache or pain. Bless them away knowing they are old battle scars and not who we are now. If this doesn’t work, listen to your body and the story that needs to emerge.

Heart racing is a heart opening. Pay attention. Does it happen when you are doing something you love, your passion or as you are speaking your truth? It’s a clearing yet, God made doctors for a reason. If it makes you nervous, please go get checked.

Shaking, your entire body. Allow it to. You are breaking free! This is the cellular memory that needs to go. Let it. Your brain doesn’t even need to understand it. That will only slow down the process.

And finally I was told, being content isn’t good enough. This surprised me a bit because much of my spiritual journey has been about being satisfied in the moment. There seems to be this nudge for anyone who is sitting on a log, it’s time to get moving.  This also ties into, dreaming.  If you’re unclear, ask as you fall asleep to go to your future.  This may takes many nights.  You are retraining your brain.  Many of us go to our past/parallel in our sleep state; to a place of comfort.   You might not remember any dreams yet you’ll carry the future vibration and signs will be placed before you.

Have a great day and sweet “future” dreams.

6 comments on “Specialized Paths

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  2. I can feel it, we are all able to take our own paths now. Its scary as hell. Hehehe. I thought of you when the other night, I had a dream about “2020 Being the year of the Farm, or Farmer” 😉 Lots of stepping out of my comfort zone lately. Being content, is something I struggled with, and now I do feel so blissfully content, yet, need to continue growing and changing. Does this soul work ever end? I think it just goes on for eternity..haha

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  3. Thanks for sharing. You get a lot of messages which are important for many of us. This piece about being content is not good enough, this surprised me as well. The traditions from the East stress this being satisfied with the now moment. So, even though I am not a Buddhist, I thought that being happy with what is is all that is required. And when the inner voice prompted me to share and gave me little homework assignments, I responded with, “Why bother? Isn’t being happy in the moment enough?” But the inner voice would not let me off the hook.
    I think we need an upgrade of the map of this uncharted terrain.
    Thanks for sharing so many insights of your journey,

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