Well, is it just me or is the energy off the charts?  I hardly slept last night.  So… where to start. So many random thoughts.  At least my brain is working today.  My laptop, barely.  It seems to be taking a while to restart.  Yes, symbolic.

Things in my house seem to be expanding and popping (water bottles, etc.). This is a time of EXPANSION. Continue reading

FOMO and the Spiritual Journey


My younger son said to me, Mom I have FOMO.   FOMO?  What is that?  Fear of Missing Out.  I laughed. I could identify with this. There have been times in my life that I felt something like this.  I will say though, as I walk on my spiritual journey, I no longer have that feeling/fear. Yet, I paused. Hmm.  Actually… the invitation comes often to have FOMO with a spiritual journey. Continue reading

Sun Language



These past two weeks have been interesting. Just as I finish writing a post, I find myself back at my laptop typing away, again.

It’s 40 degree’s cold here (yes, there are all types of cold) yet I sat in the sun this morning. Oh what a difference just a few minutes made. GET IN THE SUN!! Continue reading

Orbs and other oddities



Well, here’s the latest… for me. Odd is my new normal and actually feels good to me.  As I was falling asleep, I was asked to stop attempting to bring my body with me as I went to other places. (Haha, I didn’t think I was.)  Often at night I send my soul off. I envision an undefined white essence slipping away but now it was a tight, small and colorful orb. It felt so lite and able to quickly go many places. Zipping here and there. I thought of my fascination with orbs in pictures that I’ve taken. It did look just like that.  Okay, orbs really are spirits (I knew this but now on a new level). Continue reading

Don’t You Worry Child


As I drove to the post office, this song came on the radio by Swedish House Mafia, Don’t You Worry Child.  Each time I hear this song, it’s like the Universe knows that I need to be reminded. Instead of just listening or singing along with the song, I fall into it and truly feel it. I then seem to come into perfect alignment and harmony with my divine plan and the Universe. Continue reading

My Journey. Becoming a Channel.

Some writing just holds a special place in your heart and this is one of mine. So I thought I’d reblog since posts can quickly get covered up.  When I started this site, I was excited to place some of my writing online since I’d been writing to myself for a few years.  It’s infused with sincerity and love for life, even in the challenging times, and for awakening each new day. Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.  Namaste.


2020 Spiritual Vision

Now, at the age of 41, I can look back and say I’ve been psychic my whole life.  Yet, most of my life I didn’t understand it.  I didn’t know how to use it.  And for many years, I dismissed it.  I had da ja vue’s, knowings, whispers and quick visions that helped me in some way.  As I got older though, I reached a point in my life though where nothing made sense.  I needed help and wished for more clarity about my life.  I thought a new job, a friend, a winning lottery ticket, another psychic… well just about anything would point me in the right direction.  Stressed out, overwhelmed and edgy, I walked away from a career and my home.  At the time, in my exhaustion, I still clung to a thin positive thread.  A hope.  I prayed that thread would not break.

A new beginning I…

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