Excitement Incoming


February traditionally has 28 days yet every four years, we get an extra one. 266 days this LEAP year. So, look at your life again. Are any adjustments needed?? What could you do TODAY that would make a dramatic difference for your now and future? Go ahead and think… CARZY! (yes, this is beyond the normal crazy).   Not saying you have to act this kind of crazy but at least think it. 🙂 Continue reading

Blind spot, Acceleration and LEAP!

Honestly, I don’t watch much T.V. In the fall I did watch, The Blind Spot and became addicted to the show (so not like me). So I’ll be watching the session kickoff on Monday night. Why? Could it be that at times many of us feel just like the main character of this series? Amnesia. Small bits of remembrance that breaks though as we awaken and then make strides to live. Continue reading

Turn the page


Oh where to start. Often I have moments where it all seems to catch up and settle in. I seem to know I am different – even more comfortable in my skin. As I look back in my notebook and see what I wrote (and at times talked out loud to myself) yet the answer wasn’t always clear. Also noting my signs yet not always understanding. For weeks now I’ve seen signs of, cleaning up. Many of us, both known and unknown, are. Now think, what are you creating in your space?  Just pause and look around. Continue reading

Letting go of… TIME


I’m being held in an energy. Time doesn’t matter. This blissful feeling does. For a few weeks now as I write, when I reference time  (this morning, last night, years ago, etc.)  the words seem to be highlighted. It’s as if I’m to delete all the references to it. I know all is happening now and time is an Earth thing, yet I’ve been so trained and conditioned. Continue reading



Okay… wondering if anyone else is seeing… glitches?  Quick moments where you know what you see or read and then when you go back, it’s changed.  Each time it originally grabs your attention for a reason.  It’s happened numerous times to me in the past 48 hours.  I think with all the overlapping energy, much is being cleared.  So watch for it.  It is just for you!  What needs to be confirmed, released, some attention… and even laughed at.  Spirit seems to be working overtime.  We are changing frequency!



Pulling in Soul Aspects


The old me believed I had a soul. It was in me, somewhere. No one seemed to explain what it was, really. I had no idea that it had the potential to be… multidimensional. While our human body and mind will function and carry our soul, getting to know your soul and then working together in all that is, well… WoW. Continue reading