2/2 Update


I sat down to type up the past few days and I just couldn’t write.  All I could get out was a few one sentence thoughts and no ability to explain and weave them together. I’m trying again now and realizing how much Spirit is with me when I write. Spirit is always with us yet what a blessing to be connected and allow it to flow.  Over the past few days…

I’ve felt the veils have been very thin. I can see and feel this yet I don’t understand all that is going on.  This being a good thing. So I’ve slipped in and out of an energy and upgrades. Several years ago I had a similar energetic experience yet Spirit was whispering to me, explaining just enough of what was happening so I wouldn’t freak out.  Now this seems to be about, trust.  My answer is: Yes!  My heart and mind are, OPEN!

While these pictures doesn’t do it justice, a peace of a rainbow (or an iridescent cloud) followed me one day. It was there for hours. I saw it on a walk and then drove for several hours and often as I looked up, it was right there. I smiled at this sign from Spirit. Hmm, your seven chakra’s/energy centers – a human rainbow.

P1000278  P1000279

I feel as if a brain rewiring and pruning is happening for me.  So releases continue yet they are much smaller/shorter than a year ago. They’ve always snuck up on me. This time a random sentence came and I didn’t suppress it. I welcomed and followed it because I know what is on the other side. With any release comes peace and then additional gifts as the days unfold.  What seems like truth as it emerges, you’ll find is actual a lie that needs to leave your energy.

Some time ago I had a… well, it was like a near death experience. I went home. Since then I’ve had homesick moments when I connect to this particular energy/place and tear up as I come back to my reality. I was told, it’s now in me.  Wow.  I questioned this because the feeling in my previous moments overwhelmed me.  Well, then again, these past few days have been energetically intense. It would be easy to say, bizarre.  This journey is about becoming complete, not longing or feeling separate from.  My pot of gold is right here verses over there or way out there and… so is yours.  Just tap your heart and know.

I received another teaching on illusion. When I was held in the energy, I so got it. There is so much our human brain can’t reference (or hasn’t been trained to). What I will say is, the concept of illusion can be helpful for some (yet not all) when struggling with an issue. Calm yourself and then pretend the situation is an illusion. Free yourself from your reality because you are a sovereign being. Then observe and see why it came to you. What ways can you change the situation? It’s about vibration. Step back to see the theme. At times, we get too lost and locked into the details and this only causes amnesia of our ability to get out of the situation.

A question that is stirring in me is, many lightworkers would like to know how to sustain their simple lifestyle with the gifts that they have verses working in the traditional job market. It’s like an elephant in the room.  Many lightworkers/healers have or are trying yet are also struggling. I feel many are holding on for 2016 to be, the year. The year that any sacrifice made will pay off. Well, as I type this I seem to know what Spirit would say. That we missed the point. Spirit often takes care of the, how. Somehow though we are to blend our needs/lifestyle, our gifts and our outer world. We are not to sacrifice. Spirit is about abundance, creative expression, fun and LOVE.  Somehow this all works. Business plans or models are not our option though – old paradigm. I’ll continue to be open to guidance on this topic so that I can pass it along.

Short messages to pass along:

♥  “When something comes to you, see the many reasons why.  It’s often not what you (first) think.”

♥  “Let it all go until only love remains. Then walk into your divinity.”

Ahh, that sounds lovely and easy to do.  Well I wish to add, letting go is a process that can last a lifetime.  It’s not that you have to give it all up overnight.  Depending upon your situation, a bit of practical might be wise 🙂

I have more to write so on to the next post.  I’ll get them out as I can.  Thank you for reading!  In love, light and service.   Molly B

Top picture found at:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/243288975/my-body-my-temple-special-edition-print

2 comments on “2/2 Update

    • Millie you are a gem! I love you so and am blessed to have you in my life. Lucky is anyone who reads your writing or comes in your presence. You are in my heart, hugs!


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