Raising your vibe


As I’m writing this, I’m half out of my head. Yah!  This is a good thing. I had several in days and them when I turned outward I saw so much love! Online, in nature… all around! So if you’re reading this – I’m passing this vib along to you.

This is, getting out of your own way. You pull in to do the “work.” Honestly one isn’t sure what will unfold. It might seem quiet… frustrating… strange… or a release may come. Anything that doesn’t agree who you are (your vibration), goes. Allowing and a removal of blocks/issues/old stories. Becoming lighter. Cut the cords you’ve placed on yourself. The weight (which = wait) that holds you down.

Now, you might go straight to upgrades, messages or over the top experiences or, you might not feel or understand any of this. It doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. I was outside on the evening of the last full moon. It was overcast and I couldn’t see it. The whisper I heard is one I’ve been schooled on for several years now. “Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.” In my experiences, I’ve learned this is very true. And I was lucky to see the moon the night before and after.

Each one of us has gifts. Use your gifts for the right reasons. Ahh… do you know what those reasons are? Maybe the Universe is assisting you in new realization. Guiding you.

In one of my moments over the past few days, I saw how one activates themselves. Your future self is assisting your awakening now and you, now, are helping a past/different self. A light activation in your brain does make one feel high on life. Your brain is being flooded with an energy. It loosening up how you have conditioned your brain (left and right). You might notice it’s balancing your brain; quieting the logical left side. This also involves your heart and blood stream. Envision little light bubbles circulating all through your system. Also drink plenty of water.  I’m also wondering if the brain is where PTSD, depression and a few other states of dis-ease are stored.

I’m not sure if another has had this following experience, so I wish to share since I couldn’t find a reference. I believe its about releasing soul aspects yet it might be something very different or more. Before it happened when I was in meditation and it felt like smaller, low energy orbs that floated off; a shedding.  Yet, you can also have a much larger release that will feel like a fainting moment. You’ll be alarmed; that fight or flight response will kick in. You know that you are to stay conscious. I’m not sure why but I said, I choose to stay and this seemed to make a difference. We have to give love to our mind that doesn’t understand all that is happening.

Right now this is a time of doing what you love. This keeps your vibration high. It can be so simple. Cooking, reading, being in nature. Smiling, hugging, sending a thoughtful email. So don’t make this hard. Breath, be grateful and repeat.


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