Be open… no, more open than that


I only got a few hours of sleep last night. Here it’s windy, cold and raining sideways and I’m grateful for a warm house and cup of coffee.

I’m encouraging all to be open to new gifts. I’ve noticed an increase in my sight, smell and touch. It seems like the Universe is saying, what do you think about this? Wondering if we’ll welcome and then practice these skills or, if we’ll dismiss them. I’m also betting many who haven’t been in touch with their 6th sense will be having what they’d consider strange experiences. You might overhear some stories so if you can, be the one who points them in the right direction; support and encourage. When you’re open, watch new windows and doors open. 

Please know that you are enough. You’ve also done enough. Pause and feel this.

I sat in mediation yesterday and sent love to my other selves. Just love. I’d never done this. I thought back on all of my messages and I can’t say I’d heard the whisper of, I love you. If you receive messages, think on what you’ve heard or would have liked to hear. We are encoding messages all the time.

Also, believe in yourself. Believe in yourself more than __________ (you can fill in the blank). Options could be fear, another, a role you play.  This will shine through. YOUR essence.  This makes you a lighthouse. Be aware of your presence. We’re being asked to be calm as we interact in a world that can be chaotic. Watch what comes to you. You’ll attract whatever will help you evolve and raise your energy.  It’s all an invitation.  This might include empowering yourself or others to solve their own problems.

Everything is energy. Clothes, jewelry, items in your house. I have more understanding of why letting go of personal items assists in one’s journey. Everything you hold on to is in your energy field. Do the items represent the new you or the old? You might think you need it but… this is how you have been conditioned. Pick up an item and feel it. If you use it, love it and it makes you feel good, then keep it. If you are holding on to it because of fear (that you might need it), let it go.  Declutter, feel light.

And I’m already see a shift with references to old and new paradigms of spiritual teachings and 3D verses 5D (yes, again this includes me, I’m not exempt). Can I just say, you can’t do this wrong! Those who have made it to 5D, Heaven on Earth, blah, blah blah, LOL – Congrads!  Love it all. If it helps you, whatever teacher, style, modality, etc. Go for it!  We’re all in this together – Unity! No one or way is better than another. This is not meant to be a spiritual divide or being snooty about the ascension process, lol. There are so many ways to be a teacher and a student and the important thing is to get the word and options out there.  Variety!  You might have been a fan or follower of another and now maybe it’s your turn to remind them.  It’s all good 🙂

Wishing you a warm, bright and safe day. Take care of yourself.  ♥

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