Don’t get stuck in the mud


I’m holding a space of peace today. PEACE verses panic or several other possible emotions. There are moments in my journey I feel clueless. I used to ask, what’s next? Now I know it will happen organically. I think I should just take my cue from Mother Nature. Days of rain here and everything is waterlogged. Today though, the sun is shining.  But for now, let’s stay out of the mud puddles, okay?

Over the weekend I thought of my actions. Are they done from a place of routine or from a place of being in flow with the Universe? Am I allowing life to guide and show me what I haven’t been ready to see? The next a-ha, surprise, adventure.

I also realized, we are living the dream NOW. I’ve had several moments where I’ve seen the overlap. Something I’m doing now is a desire/dream in another life. The first time this happened to me, it came with an explanation. A vision we see just shows a moment. A picture. A side of the story. It might appear amazing (and it is) yet one doesn’t know the entire story. There could also be struggle, etc. Many seem to be looking for when it will all be sunshine and roses, over the top all the time, etc. Hmm. What if it already is? Enjoy each moment. Each moment is serving a purpose.  Even in the tough moments of life, could you possibly be doing a better job than in the past?  Providing a reference.

I’ve also had moments where it has become obvious to me how much we are conditioned not to trust. To be guarded. To question another’s intentions. To be open to all that is placed before you is a constant invitation from the Universe. Watch your response as you interact with the world. Are you open and trusting? Yes, please do trust your gut and use your common sense, too. Yet what if most is harmless and we give another or the situation (our) power?  Too much power.

I had a surge of new followers on facebook two weeks ago which so excited me and now some have, unfollowed. This has actually delighted me as well. I obviously was a catalyst in their own process of deciding who they are and are not.  Yippie… yet I do hope you’ll follow 🙂  I love you!

Recently the signs I see have caused me to pause. A theme of, cleaning up another’s mess. Hmm. It actually repeated in several ways until I got it. I was cleaning up a mouse’s mess yesterday and had to laugh. Cleaning up one’s own mess (being accountable) should keep you busy enough. It’s important that we don’t slip into co-dependency or take another’s life lessons away. Each of us is a powerful manifesto and we are not always to be a lone or repeated savior to another. Allow them to create a new option for themselves; to be empowered.

Finally, I’m also seeing a theme of, loneliness. Hmm. In my journey loneliness sure did feel uncomfortable and then I had quite a few, experiences. Ugh and LOL. I can laugh about it now. It is an invitation to get to know one’s self better. To become a friend to self and whole verses dependent on outside factors. It’s an amazing journey and then, the moment when you realize that the alone feeling is no longer. Even when one feels alone, we are never alone. There is always an angel on our shoulder.

My word for today is, Self-Sooth. Pause and appreciate.  Take care of yourself.  The mud should be all dried up by tomorrow.  Remain hopeful, love and pull in to be guided or inspired and then turn outward to experience and create. So don’t be afraid of a new beginning. Welcome each new moment.

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4 comments on “Don’t get stuck in the mud

  1. For some reason I am envisioning the day as a child that I sat in a mud puddle and spread the mud all over my arms, and legs. It was a hot day, and the mud quickly dried on my arms. Its the only time in my life I’ve had a mud bath. Months ago, my sister remembered this (she was supposed to be watching me), and asked ‘What were you thinking.’

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    • Thank you for commenting – I really do appreciate! I was recently told to, LOVE what I have. I do and feel blessed. Gratitude is a way and opens new doors. We are being guided each and every day (even when we don’t think so). Wishing you a wonderful forever! Keep writing, too!!

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