A flash of lightening


I often go outside at night to look at the stars. I am fortunate to live in a rural area and often the view is awe-inspiring. I sometimes seem to talk to the night (really more in my head). This evening I made one statement (that honestly I was 100% certain about) and then lightening lite up the night sky. Honestly, it startled me. A possible storm was forecasted for the area yet it wasn’t raining. I waited for 10 more minutes to see if it would happen again. It didn’t. Wow.  When you ask the Universe for a sign or confirmation, well, I was grateful for this moment.  It was as if it was only Mother Nature and I.

I believe for many of us our guides are changing. If it’s quiet for you, stay positive. It won’t be long. Play or rest. I also believe some of us will be asked to take one of our largest steps since we started our spiritual journey. We have free will. Really there is no rush. I’m just to remind you of all that you’ve learned and desire. No fear! Go ahead and make a list of your excuses now. Get them out of your energy. When the moment comes, know to take it. Seize the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We do know all of the answers yet they come slowly. This journey is about shedding layers. We are born and live a life of experiences. We take on so many layers. Then we start to live differently by shedding all of those experiences. All of this has a purpose. It’s not a waste or by mistake. Often this journey is about contrasts. The push/pull, dark/light, masculine/feminine, ying/yang. We expand and then contrast. It’s a process. At times it takes much to crack a layer.

Here more recently, the energy of spiritual bliss/high/upgrades seems stronger and often lasts longer. When you don’t feel it, you feel oh so… human. I just know to make peace with all that I experience. We are all of it. Go to bed satisfied that you’ve had a blessed day. Awake excited for a new day. If you’re having a 100% human day, know that you are also assisting a younger version/aspect of yourself. When you are having an awe inspired day filled with Spirit, know that your wiser self is assisting.

So when you feel Spirit is quiet, what do you do? Do you fall off the wagon? Or do you take care of yourself and do your best? Sure, at times our best is having a sad or a meltdown day – these also serve a purpose. Yet, we don’t forget who we are. We keep trying and moving forward.

Well… I’m headed back outside for one more look.  From a warm house to a cold evening.  That will wake you up, make you feel alive and a reminder of how blessed you are to have a warm home and so much more.

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