Spiritual Lull’s


I’ve often mentioned, spiritual lull’s. When channeling started for me, it was one of my biggest questions. I had no reference point. I just thought if you were “psychic”, you were all the time. Why did the messages come and go? And why did it cause such a panic (for lack of better words) in me when the messages stopped? It was so unpredictable. I would have calmed down if I’d just heard, it will start again in two weeks. You’ve been working hard so go have some fun. LOL. It’s like being unemployed. If you’d only been told when a job would come, one could avoid placing so much so much stress on themselves.

So I was chuckling at myself here recently. I’d had days of over the top spiritual energy running through me. To the point that I knew to keep my life as simple as possible. It got to the point, an edge, where I was even questioning my sanity. Well… sure enough, the plug was pulled. The thing is, one knows and can’t fake the moments of being filled with Spirit.

A spiritual lull happens for so many reasons. Our mind (so a few possible reasons I’ll list)needs the understanding. Our beingness doesn’t.

♥ It gives time for your body to integrate and become a vibrational match to all that you’ve absorbed.

♥ It gives one time to rest, catch up, play, research and reach out. Whatever brings you joy.

♥ Free will. What do you choose to do or create with your time here?

♥ It gives the Universe a chance to asses. How and what did one do with the information that was provided? And now how does this all work out in the larger Divine plan?

♥ Often a human release is needed. See what surfaces.  Let it go!

♥ A change in Guides/Energy since different portals open and close all the time.

The Universe places before us a large buffet. What have we placed on our plate? As we partake and digest, the Universe assesses. Some are asking (or demanding) for dessert. I encourage you to savor.

Often what you discover in a lull is an experience that is to be shared. It will help another. I made peace with these highs, lows and the in-between some time ago or, so I thought. This one really seemed to highlight my humanness. Realizing again how much fuller my life is as I walk with Spirit. I often feel I am a scribe for the Universe so I opened myself up to receive a message. What did I need to know and relay.

Not accepting a lull in not accepting the present moment. A lesson in embracing all that is. What can one learn from a lull? Are you resisting the next level of peace? Could your soul just be releasing… suffering? Any part of your being that still feels unlovable? You often ask, why, yet there is no why. There is nothing broken and nothing to fix. Can you accept this? It in an invitation to pause or panic. Or to have fun or just be. When you are ready to come out, you will.

I saw an image of a lazy river. At times there are places where a pool opens up and you go round and round before you continue on. Some though do go straight through.  There is an undercurrent here which is fueled by whatever is going on in your reality. So some relax and enjoy, others grab an edge and try to push themselves on, and others kick, scream and fight.

As the message continued, I could feel a heart opening. Often messages take one where they can cut it right off – words that you might not want to hear or question. While the message might not be for everyone, I do share these healing words:

At some point, you felt unloved as a child and is the original cause of your pain. It then activated cellular memory of unresolved pain that has been carried over. You were never the cause of your parents (or another’s) pain yet you absorbed and carried. You also dish it to yourself often. This is about releasing pain. What isn’t you. Your parent/ego aspect places you in time out to reflect, to change your behavior. Something gets triggered and now you send yourself to this holding space. Yet, you are no longer a child who has misbehaved. Let yourself out. Be who you came here to be.

Wow.  I might even need to re-read that.  Just love yourself out.

This journey is about releasing what isn’t you. Making room in you for more light, love and laughter. So that others will feel the room you hold in your being. So we often get triggered until only love remains. Well, no wonder Abraham says, you’ll never get it done. That’s not the goal. We came here to enjoy this experience.

Remember, we are energy beings, not energy junkies. We are not to get hooked on the highs. We are to slowly integrate them. It’s like seeing an old friend.  We just pick back up where we left off.

So I think I’ve picked the right word. A lull is both a verb (3rd person present) and a noun. To calm or send to sleep, typically with soothing sounds or movements (*). To feel secure, confident and not agitated. It is a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity (*). Could the lull be the Divine Feminine energy? It’s not necessarily a time of action. It is a pause and respite. Ah, an intermission! A breather. To find peace, tranquility, quiet, stillness. It can lead to a break through moment. Love the lulls and float down the lazy river.

In love, light and service ♥


Photo source: Lullaby III by the art of Darren Vannoy & Element 9 Graphic Design

* Google defined

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