Okay Loves, how are you doing?

For days now I’ve felt, heavy. Not in mood just a bit irritable in my own skin or like I’m walking through wet concreate and willing and needing to take a nap. All of this is not like me. I laid in meditation and it felt like all of my chakra’s had… stopped. Yikes! What is going on? Spirit isn’t even whispering to me. Really, everything is all good. So I think I’m holding verse being on hold. No news is good news.  Anchoring what feels like a mother load of new, yet very unknown (to my mind) energy.

I know this is just a part of the journey. Nothing lasts forever yet when we’re in the moment, we can fear it will last/stay the same. So I’m not worried or even really questioning it. In the past, another’s youtube/post/book would remind and shift me and on the journey would go. Now… well, I’m to just, be.

I often look to Mother Nature for clues. Ha! Chill!  The coldest temps of the year. Way below what is normal due to a polar vortex.  I do like vortex’s.  In a few days, it will be much warmer.

I think the only reason I post this (haven’t had that zing to write either) was I glanced at my wordpress stats and to my surprise articles I’d written on depression and suicide had high numbers. Can I just say that those articles usually have the lowest hits? So maybe many are really struggling right now. If so, HOLD ON!

I think back over my life. I’ve had “moments” (meaning this at times lasted for months) of hell. I know the feeling. So I’m realizing just how blessed I am at this time. This has been such a journey of healing.

I’ve also had moments of realization about perception and projecting. A shift of perception can make the world of difference. How are you viewing your outer world? And are you projecting what is inside of you? It can be low energy or very high energy. You choose – both serve a purpose.

I once heard the saying, no answer is an answer. Can I tell you this soooo frustrated me, lol. Maybe it’s just no answer or information for what doesn’t serve you. Time to move up and on. Look for choices that empower you.

I’m also realizing that there is a difference between ego/human and soul intentions. Yet there is a way to blend them together. And… ego spiritualism. Gheez, what is that?  When one gets lost and so absorbed into their spiritual journey to the point that it’s only about that (yet not saying this is a bad thing)? That one takes on the journey as who they are? We are so many things. I believe this process is to break one from any roles they identify with. We are unlimited. There are times to be in a cocoon and times to live in all that is.

Honor your process.  Whatever you’re experiencing.  And I’ll keep you posted on mine. Thanks for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!  I do love you!  Hold on to ♥


4 comments on “Holding

  1. I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, sad, and depressed. Like Im waiting for something to happen, but I’m not sure what. I have been guided to move into a new direction so thank goodness Ive been focused on reading and studying. It has helped me keep my mind from wandering into loneliness and sadness. I am trying to stay positive, Im assured, I am always supported and protected even in these darker moments. ❤

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    • Thank you for commenting and, supporting all of us!! I know that you light the way for many. Much love to you. We’ve come so far and this journey seems to continue to surprise us and encourage change.

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  2. I was out in the cold today too. Took the bus downtown after work. Only it was too cold to hang out for long. I’ve been tired the last week or two. A noticeable increase in sleep. Hope you feel better. Perhaps you should rest when you are tired as much as possible.

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