I was glancing back at some of the articles I’ve posted over this past year. Wow! Even from just two months ago – double wow. A level of quiet confidence and wisdom has really come more recently. I’m also realizing how quickly I am changing. I read an article I wrote several weeks ago and thought, ghee, I don’t even do (or question, etc.) that anymore. 

Really, I’m just a reflection of you… us, all that is.  And it’s all changing.

I’ve been feeling like I’m in a polishing stage. Yes, there was the digging deep, chiseling, cleaning up and inspection stage, just to name a few.

So here is a message and reminder. You’ll know if this is for you.

Step out of the haze.

You know who you are.

You know enough.

If you need more time, wait. If you need sleep, sleep. Otherwise, come out of hibernation. Answer the call.  Arises from the ashes. Emerge! You’re ready. Proclaim it.  You’ve got to shine.

I know that many who follow my posts walk with Spirit. Really it doesn’t matter if you channel or not, you are in tune. You are a healer and teacher. You read, watch and experience; being OPEN. I see many (and yes, this includes myself) awaiting the next sign/message/wave of inspiration. If you’ve been doing this awhile, you know it will come. It will never stop. Even if another sign/message doesn’t come, we each have enough insight to remind and assist others. To live in joy. What a gift.

Being in the moment is important yet look back at how far you’ve come. With the skills that you have, how can you make a difference? It’s so easy yet we make it so complicated. What brings you joy?  What do you love?  Do it!

And can I just say, anything is possible when you are ready.  I’ve found several things that I’ve put off and/or was admittedly against doing, was just what I needed to do.  Now it was no big deal.  This journey is about moving forward, letting go, reassessing and being open… = change.

This entire journey has been sacred. What is your next, blessed step? With whom will you be gloriously united with? What will you create and encode? It’s going to be, amazingThis is what we’ve been waiting for.

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