I had a day of peace. As I ventured out into the world I kept coming back to one word. Blessed. I truly was. I also saw other’s around me who responded in patience, ease, gratitude and generosity. Wow – what world was I in? Not too long ago I saw just the opposite.

I had a list as I walked out the door yet it seemed to fall to the bottom of my purse. I didn’t need the day to be a certain way in order for me to return home feeling, victorious. I was open to being guided verses determined. From wanting to being… able to see and receive what I really needed.

Spirit is easy. So when I meet resistance, I let go and moved on. Literally.

This mindset seemed to stay with me as I returned home. I thought, I am open to all of it. The good, the bad, the messy, the confusing, the challenging, the awe and wonder. It just needs to flow through me, not be me. Then I felt Spirit with me. Welcoming me to, surrender. I chuckled. I’ve written on surrender and letting go. I thought I knew what it was.  Ah, just now am I discovering what true surrender is.

Surrender is not what you do as a last resort when you’re exhausted. Once you’ve tried all of your ways and found that they don’t work. Surrender is not throwing your hands in the air in frustration and (temporarily) giving up. And while one can find surrender in a moment of deep desperation, often on their knees and sobbing, I don’t think this was intended. Surround is not submission, it’s a power. Surrender is… joy. It’s a state of being. Being at 100% peace, trust and gratitude. Being open… for miracles. And yes, everything is a miracle.

I felt that I was given a gift to have this realization.  Thank you for reading.


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