Fairy Godmother Aspect


A few weeks ago an intuitive friend said to me, your fairy godmother is circling around you. She wants you to know that she’s with you. I burst out in laughter. My first guide who came to me years ago was a Fairy Godmother. Yup! True. A cross between Wizard of Oz and Disney. I snapped out of meditation and was actually, frustrated. I was thinking all of this was such, crap, lol. I was awaiting to see a wise sage or Indian guide.

I really didn’t think much more of it until this morning as I was again wiping sleepy dust out of my eyes. I’ll let you know that something has been going on with my eyes this past month or so. I do feel the Universe working on them. I’ve woken in the morning to them being puffy, to feeling quick pin pricks from the inside and on several occasions, I feel something in them and then later that day a small (yes, very small) crystal emerges in my tear duct. I’ve tried to take pictures yet they show up blurry or like an orb. Very interesting. Now, I could hop online and find a medical reason for this but to be honest, that doesn’t serve me. The medical community would have labeled my heart chakra clearing as an anxiety attack or a possible heart condition or just, worried well. I’ve heard Lisa Brown discuss that as our light body comes online, we activate and can shed crystals. So I’ll add one more oddity here. Months ago it happened in my ears. A small bump emerged and white crystal like flakes. Strange but true and so I share. Let me not digress though.

So I started to talk with my Fairy Godmother. I heard: “Until you incorporate me, you’ll only get so far. It’s time to sprinkle your magic everywhere you go.” I smiled.  I’m ready for magic.

Over the past few months, I do feel I’ve been pulling in and waking up different aspects of my soul. To be honest my Fairy Godmother wasn’t on the list. Yet… why not? Who knows, maybe you have one, too.

Sleeping Beauty – it’s time to wake up. Cinderella – it’s time to go to the ball. Dorothy – it’s time to go home!  Call in your team and see who shows up. Angels, Masters… whoever. Make a wish and allow them to help you.  And even better, who can you be a Fairy Godmother to right now?  BE MAGICAL!

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