Heart Scan


The other day the Universe reminded that I don’t normally scan for aura’s, I seem to go for the heart. Instead of seeing colors, I see an item. To be honest though, I more often see walls and deep tears. The first time this happened to me I wondered how the person could be alive, functioning and seemingly happy with such a mutilated emotional heart. I then seemed to be a psychic surgeon (with permission) as I sent energy and attempted to sew it back together. Just by bringing attention to and then discussing, healing started.

I will share a funny heart scan that happened. Two items jumped out. Gummy bears and then an energetic black lab puppy. This heart was asking for youthful and playful recognition. Let your inner gummy bear out!

I mention this because anyone can scan their own heart. You might see an image. You might hear a quiet whisper. You might feel a rhythm that speeds up for a, yes and slows for a, no. If you are new to this, you might just see an anatomically correct heart. Great! Send gratitude to it and then try again. Images can leap from your heart. Each means something. Butterflies, a bouquet of flowers and for me more recently, it’s been like a diamond or a colorful kaleidoscope. In the past, I’ve seen a symbolic image for what was laying heaving on my heart. Then I knew what needed to be addressed in my own healing journey. I will say that some of the items needed time. Some needed work on a higher level verses this reality.

Normally I can’t see past other’s self-inflicted walls unless given permission. I think this is for my protection. I have compassion though because I, too, had these. If you feel like you’ve been protecting your heart, well, there’s the answer. Now might be the time to reevaluate. Do you really need to carry this weight? Do you need to keep your heart locked up? Consider setting your own self free.

If nothing else, give your heart gratitude. Without it, you wouldn’t be here. It beats for your everyday.

Picture found at: http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/seeing-heart/

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