Dropping the Re and Be


I had a few words come to me and they all started with, re. As I thought on this more, I realized the potential list could be quite long. Each one of these words in caps has the potential to mean something in one’s spiritual journey. The prefix, re meaning: again, repetition or to go backwards. So I’ll just leave a list and you can see what it reveals/re-veils for you. This activity actually holds several meanings so see what you gather from it. The Universe often sends me activities to get my brain thinking differently  🙂

  1. Re – AWAKE
  2. Re – MEMBER
  4. Re – CALL
  5. Re – PAIR
  6. Re – ALIGN
  8. Re – BALANCE
  9. Re – CLAIM
  11. Re – BIRTH
  12. Re – BLOOM
  13. Re – ACT
  15. Re – WRITE
  16. Re – BROADCAST
  17. Re – BUILD
  18. Re – ASSEMBLE
  19. Re – CIRCULATE
  20. Re – APPEAR

Reconnect, reconsider, recreate, recycle… the list of possibilities seems to be endless. I think you get the point though. We use words all day long and in our language are opportunities to re-member. As you speak and write the next few days, see how often you use a re word.


Picture found online:  http://www.lamag.com/wellbeing/

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