It was late at night and I sat outside and listened to the sounds of spring – crickets and frogs. Almost a full moon and a light breeze. I asked the Universe to show me something magical. Then on the quiet street, a person on a skateboard came wheeling by. Well… yes. Skateboarding at midnight by moonlight. Quite random and… magical. Everything is. I chuckled and then went in for the night.

As I was falling asleep, I thought of how many times I’ve felt energy with me yet silent. And of the times I’ve awoken and felt as if my body was being worked on/healed/upgraded/tended to. I’m not a religious person per say, yet I was raised in the church. Years ago I received a year of amazing religious messages. Then it shifted. This seems to be the pattern for me. Every few months or so, a new perspective. I’m grateful. I like the variety. So last night I came to the words that my body was being prepared… for an ascension… biblical like. Hmm. Easter isn’t that far away. To make ready for use.  While many think of resurrection in religious terms, online it’s defined as, coming back into use.  For me, this is very fitting.

To be honest, my journey has gone past where my mind would have liked to stop and set up camp. I wouldn’t have guessed I’d write and believe like I now do.

It also makes me wonder how others who have a companion, how is that relationship doing? In sickness and health. Well… how about, in upgrades, changes and health. I’m blessed. I have a companion who has encouraged, supported and grown with me. While one can be open and spiritual, supporting a partner going through ascension symptoms, upgrades, moments being spiritually high… and low – Yikes! I’m not sure this is talked about much publically (around the water cooler). While you might have found your soul mate, do you remember how to get to the next level, together? Just thoughts.

So a few other random thoughts. I believe in surrender and letting go. And I have. I’ve let go of so much emotional baggage. Yet… as I looked around my home. Haha! I could see that I’m still hauling around several past careers. Gheez. Books, clothes, mementoes. Seriously?! Why? The honest answer is, fear. Fear that I might need it one day. We have to let go to become who we came here to be. This is about becoming lite, light.

I also wanted to share a reminder of another Guide who is available. A Fairy or Master Chef guide. It’s happened several times this past week as I’ve been cooking. A spice or additional ingredient gets whispered into my ear, like, don’t forget to add _____. How cool!

So we are, preparing. Preparing a meal, for the next day, next miracle and … ourselves. What you’re made of is what you’re made to do. An activation (which many are feeling at this time) helps one to take action in their own life. So honor them.  Welcome what comes to you and create something magnificent.

Love the Life You Live.  Live the Life You Love.  And dance in the moonlight.

In love, light and service.


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6 comments on “Preparing

  1. “And then it shifted.” Story of my life since 1998. Everything keeps shifting. I have your to find a “there.” Usually, I’m okay with that, but sometimes, I’d really like to arrive somewhere, be there for a while.

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    • And just when I think I’m “there”… lol. How far out of alignment was I? Or we forget our tour here and all it’s variety and many stops. Thanks for commenting (good to see you) and have a great day. Hugs!

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