Climb the ladder


I had a dream last night that I quickly felt I understood. Yet later one of the images came back to me. A ladder. Hmm. Is there an escalator or elevator available? Nope. At times we have to drop the baggage, do the work and trust. I also thought of the story of Jacob’s ladder from the bible. The lines of communication are open.  And if your into 5D, well, we are activating new dna.

A few nights ago, I awoke mid-discussion with the other side. I was explaining that at times it’s like walking through wet concrete here. So dense. The answer back was,

What is wet concrete today (difficult to mix, pour and set up) will be foundation tomorrow.  Ahh…

As I feel asleep last night I came to two words. COME UNDONE. It felt as if I was taking off my human costume and allowing all my energy centers a breather. I asked that any aspects that didn’t serve me to move along and that I was open to receiving what I might have been resistant to before.

I then felt this is better than pushing on and then the Universe has no choice but to deliver an event that is often felt as a wall or causes a breakdown… which often becomes a breakthrough. 🙂  So allow all of you to, breathe.

The Universe is not limiting or holding us back. It is helping us every day to get strong and clear. Check in with your heart, soul, inner guidance. Are you doing what excites you? What causes you to spring out of bed? If you have the gift of time and space, use it. Use it to rest, heal, discern, seek or create. Now is not the time to feel discouraged. Dis this! Be courage in whatever way serves you right now. Also, at times we get focused on the bigger goal. Is there a smaller step that you need to take or enjoy in this moment?  Breathe and remember.  All is well.

And as a side note, honoring one’s self when ill is important. I think back and realize that was the only time I did rest. My body gave me no choice. Yet take it a step further and ask your body why you are sick. Describe the symptom. It is a feeling that then relates to your reality? For example, feeling… Stuffy? Achy? Headache? Is it a particular organ or body part that is screaming for your attention? It’s all about vibration. How is it being mirrored back to you in symbols, symptoms, etc.  Being under the weather is a great time to listen, learn and love.


Cartoon by Chris Madden found at:

Find the lighter side ♥


2 comments on “Climb the ladder

  1. Love this. Have you ever heard of the “Ascension Ladders” David K Miller speaks of them often in his books, there is a few different ones that have been downloaded to the planet by the arcturians and the great white brotherhood. So this really aligns with those teachings. Keep climbing! ❤

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    • Wow! Thank you! Never heard of this. That’s what I love about this journey – so much, so many possibilities! Cool! Thanks for sharing! And keep climbing, too.


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