Pulling in Soul Aspects


The old me believed I had a soul. It was in me, somewhere. No one seemed to explain what it was, really. I had no idea that it had the potential to be… multidimensional. While our human body and mind will function and carry our soul, getting to know your soul and then working together in all that is, well… WoW.

Years ago I spent time getting to know my soul. Putting my personality aside, laying down my defenses and listening.  This was a special time. A reunion. I’d have no idea of the next step. Learning that one’s soul is a part of a much larger soul. This is not only your higher self, but many other aspects. So this is where timelines can come in. We’ve experienced everything. So a time of letting go – realizing that you’ve evolved and “graduated” from certain experiences. Then retrieving what would better serve one now. Meditating and daydreaming can get one in touch with the possibilities. Let me say that anything is possible.

When a new soul aspects implants (for lack of better words), often you’ll know. Not that you’ll be warned, lol.  You might be irritable and not know why. You might have that split second where that aspect tells you something very clearly, like, I don’t like potatoes, why are you eating that? You might even have a freak out moment – some aspects are not from this world. One day as I reached into my wallet for some cash, I had a split second where I questioned what was the green wadded up paper? Yes. If you haven’t had these moments, it’s hard to describe yet I trying because I think more will be having these experiences.  It can also happen when you sleep and you just wake up, anew.

While you can think of these aspects as archetypes, also be open. It is more than just personality traits. The cool thing is, you can be whoever you wish to be. The first step in giving yourself permission.  🙂


Image found at: http://www.milouket.tv/multifaceted-carpet/

4 comments on “Pulling in Soul Aspects

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  2. Very familiar with this. Yesterday I made peanut butter on graham crackers – my favorite treat. It tasted awful and I thought, “But I love peanut butter!” haha

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