Yesterday for hours the energy was, lovely. It felt so soft. No words really. When this energy is felt, it’s a reminder to me I’m on course. Really no action is needed.

The day before I did feel a wake of gunk. Yikes. I knew it wasn’t me. I seem to feel these waves every now and then.

I first honor the energy by seeing if there is anything that resonates in me that needs to be released. I seem to know that it’s more the collective gunk and I’m strong enough to assist in the releasing of it from this plane. I try to do something simple yet symbolic. It can be as easy as sending love and light or posting a positive thought online. If you feel it on occasion, too – don’t stay stuck in it!

Years ago I wasn’t always a fan of facebook. Then I decided to seek and add pages that spoke to me. So I’m often reminded that there are so many amazing spiritual teachers out there. It’s great to be able to reach out and find an article or youtube to remind and reset. These past few weeks though I’ve been pulling in (or just being) verses, seeking or getting overstimulated. Before I couldn’t get enough and now I find my body reminds me when to push away from the computer. When one can remind/teach themselves – this is remembrance. Really one way is not better than another, just another balancing.

Yesterday as I drove home from the store I passed a large flock of resting geese. I’d never seen this. It was an amazing sight – pure white divinity.  And then a mile down the road, a fox crossed my path. While a fox is a nocturnal animal, not always. It was interesting to see this side of their behavior – love signs that come from Mother Earth.

Now it’s windy and warm here. I’ve already gone outside several time to just, breathe. I had a dream overnight. That the lightworkers here were assisting in creating a new sun… in another dimension? This journey stretches me often. I have to remind myself that resistant is futile. One integrates easier/quicker when relaxed. So open your heart, mind and relax your muscles. Have a lovely day!

UPDATE:  Later I’d see an online article about a second sun.  You can google it.  There is information on this.  Very Interesting.  Oh so much we don’t know… yet.

Picture found online.

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