Letting go of… TIME


I’m being held in an energy. Time doesn’t matter. This blissful feeling does. For a few weeks now as I write, when I reference time  (this morning, last night, years ago, etc.)  the words seem to be highlighted. It’s as if I’m to delete all the references to it. I know all is happening now and time is an Earth thing, yet I’ve been so trained and conditioned.

Years ago my watch needed a new battery each month. Finally, I got the hint and let go. This was just the start. With alarm clocks, schedules and to-do’s – one’s life can revolve around time. Something that doesn’t even exist. Wow. As a human, we qualify and quantify our life in time. I think it’s time to have our life revolve around something far greater. You can decide what that is for you.

Interesting – when one observes the sunny day-time, cloudy days, dark night and moonlight, one is not better than the other. Just different moments… expressions. Many of us have been trained to sleep at night yet what if that no longer serves who one is becoming? (no longer of the farming era) Sleep when you need to.  Play when you need to.

Now… how do you explain this to the general population?  That might not be the point.  Some things just can’t be explained yet, they can be experienced.  I can remember the old me who freaked out if I was late for work or begging for more time or wishing that it would hurry up. Maybe it’s just getting to a place where time no longer runs your life. (Ghee, this could have saved me some major stress.)  So… what is running your life?  Then, behave accordingly.  🙂

Time can either be seen as limited or unlimited. In good times and bad.  Oh so many references to, time.  Maybe we came here to experience and learn about, time.  And that we are not bound to it. This is transcending, time. Seeing time as an illusion.  In a timeless state, the important surfaces.  At times this might felt like nothingness, other times a reality check of what is important to you.

Placing a spiritual being in a human body in a dense and time oriented world… haha, no wonder so many of us get confused and at times freak out. I guess it’s a way to crack open the awakening egg.  For me, letting go of time seems to be another step in remembrance. Another step in freedom.  Another step in the journey.

Thank you for reading.

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