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Oh where to start. Often I have moments where it all seems to catch up and settle in. I seem to know I am different – even more comfortable in my skin. As I look back in my notebook and see what I wrote (and at times talked out loud to myself) yet the answer wasn’t always clear. Also noting my signs yet not always understanding. For weeks now I’ve seen signs of, cleaning up. Many of us, both known and unknown, are. Now think, what are you creating in your space?  Just pause and look around.

Also make time to visualize what you’d like. In the past I’ve heard Spirit say, “You can’t get there from here.” I wasn’t sure what this meant. Go to the result you want in your mind – start at the end. Feel that frequency and then take small steps every day.

I also pondered on, believing. Can you remember back when you were five? For me, I used to believe anything was possible yet I was then conditioned otherwise. Allow yourself to believe again.

The wind was intense here for days. I often stood outside and blended with it. I breathed it in. The power. It felt like freedom. Yet wind creates fear in many. It’s uncontrollable. Tying into the principle that often we fear our own power.

I watched as birds hunkered down and at times dug their claws into a branch or the ground. We humans do this, too. A survival instinct yet remind yourself that you are here to, thrive, not just survive. I watched a plump bird this morning. I’m certain she will be releasing her eggs any day. Symbolic, many of us feel like this.  I also watched as leaves were blown into all corners. Where would life take you if you could be that free?

So… we hear what we’re ready to. We experience what we’re ready to. Trust. Be open. Your heart does know the answer. Relax your mind and allow it to come to you. Be a vibrational match to what you seek. Whether that be the answer or the actual physical form. There is no need to fear or keep it from coming to you any longer.

Some additional random things I’ve noted – trust your intuition if you need to seek more info.

If you’re feeling sluggish, look into (a ph) alkaline body. This might help.  Taking a shot of apple cider vinegar each day might just do the trick.

The spiritual high/bliss energy will be coming and going for many. Take care of yourself. While you’re always protected, no spiritual DUI’s. Okay, lol.

If you’re receiving messages/channeling, I wanted to pass along a reminder I had. Years ago when channeling started for me, I went for walks and noted the incoming messages. Then in the evening or next day, I’d type them up. This was a great way to train myself to get and stay in the zone to hear the message in completion. Often when a message comes in, one can get excited and want to run to their computer and type it and broadcast it right away. Really, there is not rush.

I was also thinking about lightworkers and money, again. Could part of the journey be about the reality check, hmm, no pun intended.  The humble moments.  Realizing how resourceful one can be? Could money actually be a big distraction? If you had all your mind wished, would you be doing the work (often internal) that needs to get done? To learn to trust and, well, so many other possible lessons.

I also had a moment and then a thought. What if some soul’s come/view here to experience color. To learn about vibration. For example, is a towel just a towel or is it soft, colorful and holding a vibration of good memory of being found on sale.  🙂

If you’re in a good place in your journey, look around. Many are waking up. It’s disguised as anxiety, anger, depression and confusion. Guide or remind one of their divine nature and power.

Well… … I’m feeling the need to turn the page. Sing it Bob Seger. To stat on a fresh sheet. I’m really not even sure what this means so… we’ll see.  That’s the joy and excitement.  ♥

In love and light!


Picture found at: http://sk9oo.blogspot.com/2004/11/book-in-wind.html

4 comments on “Turn the page

  1. The cleaning up bit–so many people doing the Japanese art of tidying up bit based on the book. I keep thinking that if so many of us are feeling the need to purge–it’s a sign of lightening up in mass form. Love that:).

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