Blind spot, Acceleration and LEAP!

Honestly, I don’t watch much T.V. In the fall I did watch, The Blind Spot and became addicted to the show (so not like me). So I’ll be watching the session kickoff on Monday night. Why? Could it be that at times many of us feel just like the main character of this series? Amnesia. Small bits of remembrance that breaks though as we awaken and then make strides to live.

My fascination with the show got me thinking. What if one’s blind spot is the answer? Many of us don’t even see what’s in our blind spot. Often that’s because it’s a life lesson we came here to work on and through. To transcend.  So what do you do? Move/shift. Asses, the best you can, from a different angle. Look at the situation, differently.

For me, the past 24 hours has had an accelerated energy. I remind myself to breathe and go slow. Now is not the time to be spiritually ADHD. Signs, whispers and for the first time today my mind 100% accepted that I was walking in multiple realities. I could see it playing out.  I think I’ve been doing this for a while but to type it and feel comfortable with it is another thing. And I think it will take another post to explain this more.

I’m grateful for my friends. I’ve had a few things come up and what a blessing to reach out, feel “normal” (haha, whatever that is) and be given some advice. If you feel you are crunching timelines, some lingering energy will try to stay attached. It’s like a multiple (yikes) life review and a few scenes might get your attention yet they don’t seem to quite fit into the story now. You have a choice. Allow it to or, clear it. Know that if it’s meant to be, it will. You can ask yourself, do I need that experience now? Or is it really more so in the past yet not completely understood to your mind now. What you tend to will grow. Now might not be the time to get distracted. So I recommend that you clear your field. Know that you are enough, whole, total… complete. While you can question, entertain the story, etc., (and this might serve a purpose), you can also choose to just move forward.

Finally, Monday is leap day. This is significant right now. I had a dream a few weeks ago. It was very clear and then happened in my reality within days. Yet… I thought about it…questioned it… delayed it. Gheez, seriously? Once I acted, I did feel much better. You can be led to water yet, it’s your choice. I’m here to remind you that the spiritual journey is a walk on faith and one that will s-t-r-e-t-c-h  you. This is not always about being in a comfort zone. So… LEAP!

And does anyone know why a wordpress icon/like wouldn’t show up? It seems, for a handful of sites, my like’s don’t show up. Hmm?? I’m not ignoring you, lol.

Awesome pics found online 🙂

5 comments on “Blind spot, Acceleration and LEAP!

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  2. That’s funny – what attracted me to your post was the word LEAP…it’s been mentioned by my Spirit Guides a few times lately. Didn’t get a date on it (yet) but find it astonishing that you and Dayna both seem to be in the same boat. Time to L E A P! :-))

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  3. Oh yes! Monday we shall LEAP! I actually was just hearing from one of my guides to expect another shift then. Perfect timing! I have been in the midst of this acceleration with you. It is like the gas pedal is pressed to the floor and then suddenly the brakes are slammed and then repeat. Talk about a wringing! And supposedly I am “resting” now. What?? lol

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